The most common causes of excessive daytime drowsiness area unit sleep deprivation, impeding sleep disorder, and sedating medications. Alternative potential causes of excessive daytime drowsiness embody bound medical and medicine conditions and sleep disorders, like hypersomnia.

How hard daytime sleepiness is!

Do you end up drowsy throughout the day? If this can be the case, you’ll be experiencing excessive daytime drowsiness that could be a symptom of sleep disorder, narcolepsy, or sleep disorder.

It’s traditional to feel drowsy and sluggish from time to time. However if these symptoms occur often and interfere along with your work, school, activities, or relationships, you’ll be stricken by excessive daytime somnolence.

According to the study, up to twenty of adults report excessive daytime drowsiness. creating it the foremost common criticism among people who request treatment at sleep clinics. Daytime drowsiness could be a symptom of disorders that may have major health consequences, like impeding sleep disorder or hypersomnia, or an aspect result of some medications or dangerous sleep patterns, instead of Associate in nursing unhealthiness in and of itself.

Sleepiness will ensue during a kind of ways that in several persons. It are often a sign of a serious downside, notwithstanding however it manifests, and it should be treated. Here’s what you must fathom excessive daytime drowsiness and why, if you are experiencing it, you must see your doctor.

Excessive sleepiness symptoms

Excessive daytime somnolence, conjointly referred to as sleep disorder or excessive drowsiness, is outlined as daily periods of Associate in Nursing insatiate need to sleep or noonday lapses into sleep. Sleep is taken into account to be excessive throughout the daytime once the key waking times of the day area unit unable to remain alert and awake. For a minimum of 3 months, sleep happens virtually each day accidentally or unsuitably.

People who area unit drowsy throughout the day:

● Are you weary all the time or cannot stay awaken throughout the day?

● At work, they’re unable to be productive and often create blunders.

● Have mistaken in judgment or bother concentrated?

● Are unable to completely participate in or appreciate life’s activities

Excessive afternoon drowsiness is not only fatigue. It will obscure your judgment, cut back your latent period, and impair your memory, and it’s created even a lot of precarious by the very fact that it often goes unobserved.

Among alternative safety considerations, the condition has been associated with on-the-job mishaps and falling asleep behind the wheel. Some explicit causes are often the explanation behind excessive daytime drowsiness.

Sleep disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, or hypersomnia

Obstructive sleep disorder could be a disorder within which your airway becomes clogged throughout sleep, manufacturing respiratory disturbances. It affects ten to four-hundredth of North Yankee adults. Attributable to the frequent prevalence of apneas or restricted flow of air throughout sleep. Folks with this unhealthiness have a less relaxing sleep and awaken often throughout the night, leading to excessive daytime drowsiness.

Obstructive sleep disorder has been coupled to a range of major health problems, as well as high blood pressure, fibrillation, coronary failure, and stroke. It primarily affects older persons, and men area unit a lot of doubtless to be affected than ladies.

Narcolepsy could be a way rarer condition, touching less than 1 Chronicles of the population. However, it is a dangerous disorder with the foremost common symptom being excessive daytime drowsiness. To enhance wakefulness Modalert or Modvigil will assist you higher than everything.


Stress would possibly keep you awake at work or in your personal life. See your doctor concerning steps you’ll desire reduce or higher manage your stress. If you discover yourself moving and turning at the hours of darkness, disquieted concerning things that happened throughout the day.

Shift Works

Your work schedule is another supply of sleep deprivation which will be on the far side your management. Many folks WHO work on night and sleep throughout the day, once it’s brighter and customarily noisier, have sleep problems. Shift work disorder could be a condition that causes excessive fatigue. Waklert and Artvigil are amongst the best choices to enhance symptoms of daytime drowsiness.

Prescription medication, alcohol, and recreational drug use

According to a study, drinking alcohol or victimization contraband narcotics will disrupt sleep. Sleep are often discontinuous by excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol, a sedative, will assist you sleep off, however once its effects wear off, it will keep you awake later within the night.

Furthermore, several contraband medicines embody stimulants that may keep you awake late at the hours of darkness, creating it tough to urge an honest night’s sleep.

If you are experiencing difficulties sleeping whereas taking any of those medications, see your doctor concerning alternative prospects.

Loud Noise

Many people also are unbroken awake at the hours of darkness by noise, and sadly, quieting these sources of disruption could also be on the far side your management. for instance, you’ll sleep in a town or close to a route, wherever sirens, honking cars, and alternative traffic-related noises area unit commonplace. you’ll even have a newborn reception WHO desires your attention.

If noise could be a downside in your life, see your doctor concerning natural sleep aids or soundproofing your home.

The bottom line

You may head of your excessive daytime somnolence by operating along with your doctor to get the right treatment and creating changes. Visit us: