If you also use online banking and payment apps, then it is very important that you also take care of your security.

The use of online banking and payment apps like UPI, WhatsApp Pay, BHIM App, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, Jio Pay, Amazon Pay, MobiKwik, Freecharge, BHIM Axis Pay, etc. has become common now. Digital payments are everywhere. They are also safe and like cash transactions, they do not have the problem of chiller money and torn notes, but just as they are safe, in the same way, they can prove to be harmful due to one mistake of ours. Actually, while doing online transactions, we become so accustomed that we do not go towards scams and frauds.

Online Banking scams can very troublesome and can drain your deposits. Banking transactions are not only prone to fraud but also have the potential for error. Actually, even if one number goes up and down, then you can do the wrong transaction.

If you do online banking, then we tell you 7 things that you should not ignore.

Always install updates on the smartphone-

The security of a smartphone is also important because many passwords etc. are saved in it and whatever new updates come, they actually increase the security of the phone. So don’t ignore them. The new operating system always comes with the latest security patches so that hackers cannot easily hack it.

Avoid mobile charging at public charging stations-

You will need to either charge the phone at home or use your personal charging battery backup. This is because public charging stations sometimes come with extra USB devices or adapters that can steal data from your phone.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi for Banking Transactions

It is most important for you that you do online transactions on a personal network only. If you choose a public Wi-Fi network or internet connection to do online transactions, then it is possible that your personal details may go to the hackers. From your location to personal ID password etc. is also used in online banking transactions, so it is better that you do it on a private network only.

Do not search the number from Google, trust the banking site-

Often people have a habit of searching the customer care number on Google and dialing it. There is also the possibility of getting scammed. It would be better for you to extract the number through a banking website or official channel only.

Stay away from third-party apps-

You must have heard many times that many apps have been banned from Google and Apple Store because they steal the data of our smartphones. That’s why it is important that you download your apps only from official stores like Google Play or Apple Store.

Take special care of OTP-

Always choose Two-Step Verification. Do not share information like OTP, KYC on any other social media platform under any circumstances. This is the easiest way for hackers to steal your personal information.

Do not click on any link without checking-

If any link has come to you through SMS, email, etc., any payment information is being given, some link is talking about loan related information, something else is being said like this offer only for you, etc. then click it Do not Spam and scam both happen through similar links. If seen, such links are most vulnerable.

Apart from this, it is also important for you to have a perfect password. Always keep your password hidden and at the same time do not share your password with anyone. It is not a good idea to have simple passwords and do not keep the same password for all accounts.

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