The race for brands has left us all drained and tired beyond measure. We all search for ways to spend our money on the things that are seen as ‘most desirable’ even if they are no more than just basic items with simple designs. Brand name and a label can make you drain your entire savings and this craze is not realized up until it’s too late.

People who are too brand conscious end up worried because they have an addiction of maxing out their credit cards. If you also suffer from this addiction and think that anything that comes without a reputable label isn’t just good enough then you must read this article. We have the best reasons why you should shop from not-so-popular brands.

Less Chances of Unfortunate Twinning

In one way or another we all do things to make people envy us or feel jealous of ourselves. But the truth is when someone does things exactly the way we do, we have a little buildup of anger. The feeling of feeling copied and someone replaying our style boils us. And all the ladies, you might be able to relate to it at so many levels.

When you shop with less popular brands the chances of twining with someone accidently substantially decrease. This doesn’t mean you will be with boring or less stylish things, you never know what a brand has to offer. And if you want to stand out of the crowd then you really need to stand out of the crowd.


Brands make you self-conscious about your low paying job or not being able to afford that gown after paying the essential bills. The pretty models, sleek mannequin and extreme advertising are all reasons why you spend huge money unwillingly. But if you look closer the dress is all about the way you carry it. If you need some basic fashion hacks you can even make a simple t shirt rock the best.

And with not so popular brands you can achieve this. Such brands are priced reasonable and cherry at the top they also have a lot of sales on going. You can also get discount vouchers for them. After all, hanes promo code is a living proof if you are in need for some pretty chic clothing items.

No Tension

Another advantage of wearing inexpensive clothing is that you won’t have to worry as much about them. If you have expensive clothes, for example, you must always look after them and ensure that they do not become soiled.

You might also be concerned about losing your pricey hat or scarf at some point. You will not have this problem if you only wear inexpensive clothing because you will not spend as much money on apparel and hence will be less worried of losing your clothes.

Not so Guilty about Not Fitting Them

Imagine spending an amount of more than a hundred dollars on a dress only to find it after few months it doesn’t fit anymore. This could break your heart, mind and sanity especially if you did starve yourself to pay the bill for that dress. Now that you have purchased it, you got food to eat so you don’t fit anymore.

This vicious cycle of saving up to buy something really expensive only to find it being with you or for you, for few months is heartbreaking. You will feel yourself angry for spending so much money on a clothing item.


Have you seen that meme where millionaires like mark Zuckerberg and bill gates are dressed in simple clothing, while you a college going who works two jobs drains all their pay checks on a simple expensive dress? The truth is real grace comes from the personality and not the item of clothing. You will realize this when you learn and get inspired from people who have achieved big things.

This doesn’t mean people who dress well or expensive don’t know success but if you are all for looks then what’s the worth of your success? Make sure to invest on your grooming and personality. And when it comes to clothing a simple, decent dress that is neat enough will do the job.

More for Charity

Here is a great way to look at this. You will be able to donate more money to charity if you save money on clothing

There are many people who require our assistance because they are barely surviving and are unable to cover their basic expenses such as food, rent, or medical treatment. As a result, rather than wasting money on clothes that no one wants, you can make a real difference in people’s lives by donating more money.

No Guilt about Not Repeating

Girls know the pain of repeating a fashionable dress in two events with same people. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes twice or thrice but for people who find it too offensive, buying clothes from brands that are affordable is the right solution.

You can get more clothes for the same amount and not even need to repeat the same dress so that you get the maximum out of the price. This is a great way to fill your wardrobe. But make sure to purchase from brands that offer decent clothing since you don’t just shop for filling the wardrobe.

More Money for Other things

One benefit of purchasing lower-cost clothing is that you will have more money to spend on other aspects of your everyday life.

For example, if you are currently struggling to pay your rent and other basic needs, saving money on clothes can make a lot of sense because you will be able to put that money towards other crucial daily expenses.

Even if you don’t have trouble covering your essential needs, having some extra cash on hand can help you buy the things you want. Hence you can invest or buy other meaningful things or maybe travel (what could be better than this?)