Quickly inhale the calming, natural sounds of nature with this new update to our CBD Juul Pod. This pod has 3mg of pure, natural CBD extract derived from hemp, which is mixed with organic terpene flavors to unlock your creative muse regardless of your mood. Made with the highest quality materials, the distinct transparent casing adds a touch of modern style that makes it just as at home in your hand or front pocket as it is in the Juul pod case. Juul pods. Sleek, compact, and easy to use. Juul is our next evolution in vaping. We took all the lessons we learned from creating JUUL pods and made it better. Juul pods are the only closed pod system on the market. They are pre-filled with our patented nicotine salts and provide a reliable dosage every time.

What do Zilla CBD pods do?

Hemp Zilla Pods are the only JUUL-compatible pods on the market, making them perfect for Juul enthusiasts. Every pod is formulated with our 300mg line of broad-spectrum non-GMO hemp CBD to ensure a pure vape experience that is lingers with potent flavor and strength. Whether you’re looking for an extra boost before work or simply want to relax after dinner, these pods are perfect for effortless vaping wherever you go.

Do Zilla pods fit in Juul?

Designed to be compatible with the Juul device. The CBD Juul Pods are our signature line of pods, giving you access to Juul’s curated collection of salts, oils, and blends in an easy-to-use format designed for simplicity. They are available in 6 flavors made with natural flavorings and PG/VG.

Does a CBD vape help with anxiety?

CBD have been used for not only stress but also to relieve depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD is non-addictive and safe to use.

Are CBD Juuls safe?

The number of people vaping with CBD or THC (and nicotine) is growing exponentially, but the dangers of vaping are still not well known.  We’re more likely to be poisoned by our complete lack of knowledge about the contents of vape cartridges than by the contents of the chemicals themselves.

Are CBD Juul Pods Legal?

Yes, CBD Juul pods are a hot topic, and a lot of customers have questions about compatibility. The fact is, JUUL may always be in the news, but that’s not because of CBD pod compatibility.

Why Use CBD Juul Pods?

The Juul Pods with CBD is a product that can be used by all those that want to stop smoking. The pods are filled with CBD oil, which does not contain nicotine. The pods will not leave you feeling queasy or sick. You may even start to notice health benefits after regular use of the Hempzilla CBD pods.

As we look at Juul CBD pods we can easily dissect them into three key elements: the devices, the cartridges and the liquid. For one to get the most out of their cannabinoids they need to get all three aspects right. Not only do Juul do this for us, they do it exceptionally well.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to improve their mental health, and the benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid are remarkable. Many people with anxiety are turning to CBD for help, because it’s easy to consume and has an almost instant effect.