An American serial killer Nikko Jenkins is linked to Chalonda Jenkins, an infamous criminal in her own right. Her ex-husband, Nikko Jenkins, has been implicated in a number of crimes, and much of the material regarding Chalonda Jenkins baby relates to those crimes. 

When her husband went on a homicidal rampage in 2013, authorities suspected her of his crimes but never put her behind bars. 

There have been many ups and downs in her short but eventful existence, exacerbated by her connection with Nikko Jenkins. 

Chalonda Jenkins now: A Biography 

There’s not much known about Nikko Jenkins chalonda jenkins ex-life wife’s before their 2010 wedding; however, she was 19 at the time and is now somewhere around 30 years old. 

She has a long history of participation with the criminal justice system, having worked in jails and prisons since she was a little girl. 

Take a look at some of these little-known facts about chalonda jenkins 2021

  • First of all, she was married while in prison. 

At the Tecumseh State Prison, where they were both serving time, Chalonda and Nikko Jenkins were married in February 2010. 

They were condemned to divorce because of their criminal pasts. They divorced in 2017 and had never been apart for more than four weeks throughout their marriage. 

  • Having a child with another man while married 

An anonymous father files a claim for child support. Those funds were used to cover the cost of child support. During Chalonda’s marriage to Nikko Jenkins, she gave birth to the kid. 

The father seemed to be the kid’s only caregiver, since Chalonda was never seen with the infant. 

  • Catching Brass Knuckles 

Calls to police were made by an ex-girlfriend of her baby daddy’s father. An intruder had attempted to get into her flat and she was trying to get a protection order against him. Her description matched that of Chalonda Jenkins age when she was approached. 

When the authorities questioned her for her name after discovering her dead in a neighbouring car, she gave them the erroneous answer. Investigators on the scene discovered an empty cup, a bottle of tequila, and brass knuckles secreted in her pockets, as well as her name listed as “married” on the vehicle registration form. 

Given her recent court appearances and her background, the judge saw her brass knuckles as a red flag and sentenced her to prison. 

  • Nikko Jenkins made a threat towards Chalonda Jenkins 2020. 

Chalonda Jenkins 2017 has been threatened by Nikko. Jenkins was detained after filing a police report. Nikko confessed to four killings that were unrelated to the threat made against Chalonda Jenkins prison during an interview. 

  • She threw the system for the crimes of her ex-husband 

Criticized the system for giving Nikko Jenkins permission to commit killings. They say he wouldn’t have done it and the victims wouldn’t have had a chance if he hadn’t been freed from jail. 

As Chalonda Jenkins terrorist threat said, Nikko Jenkins’ mental state had deteriorated to the point where he would be unable to compete in the job market after his release from jail. 

  • She’s Been to Prison Three Times Previously. 

Because she’s spent time in prison for a variety of reasons, it’s reasonable to assume that she’s experienced it. 

When you’re a member of a criminal family like the Jenkins, your life becomes even more complicated. As an accomplice to Nikko Jenkins’ non-fatal shootings of a number of people, she was sentenced to one year in jail in 2013.

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