The history of T shirts indeed goes a long way. Once upon a time it was considered to be just an undergarment. During the time of First World War, the European soldiers and later the American soldiers wore them as a lightweight undergarment under their uniforms.

After that, Hollywood took them out and made them a popular out-wear. Now, T shirts have become a must in most men and women’s wardrobes. The simple T shirts are not even simple anymore. They have plenty of designs and varieties these days.

Here are some varieties of good quality T shirts for men that they can wear:

Basic half sleeve T-shirt

This is known to be the simplest style when it comes to T shirts, and they have a close to close crew neckline. As they are considered to be the most popular one, it is favoured by both men and women. The crew neckline here suits most of the people who love wearing T shirts. Apart from half sleeves, they have a full sleeve variation as well.

Polo collar T-shirt

As the name suggests, they come with a Polo collar. They are mostly popular at the golf courses, but one can also wear them at any casual outing.

V-neck T-shirt

One can flaunt them if they have a lean body. This variation is also very much popular as a football jersey.

Douche bag neck T-shirt (Scoop neck)

This one is a variation of a men’s T shirt, where there is a deep and scoop neckline. They show more body than a basic T shirt would. One can wear them with metal chains and trendy denims.

Henley collar T-shirt

One can see that this variation has a placket and that too below the round neckline without a collar.

Baseball T-shirt

It is also known as the Raglan T shirt which comes with half sleeves and the T shirt almost resembles the uniforms that are worn by the baseball players. The other variation of the Raglan T shirts comes with full sleeves.

Turtleneck T-shirt

If one is comfortable wearing a raised neckline, then this style is perfect for them. One can easily pair them up with chinos or cotton trousers as well.

Ringer T-shirt

It is a crew necked T shirt which has contrast bands on the neckline and on the sleeve hems. They look quite stylish.

Half T-shirt (Singlet)

It is a sleeveless T shirt which comes with narrow straps. They also are mostly worn by the runners. They have a comfortable and a loose-fitting sleeve.

Muscle T-Shirt

On the other hand, this is a T shirt which is very tight fitting, and they are made that way purposely so that one can flaunt their muscles.

Long line T-shirt

It is a style of a shirt which has a long length, and they can even reach till the knees. If done right, they mostly look like an elongated torso.

One can choose any of the styles when they want to add some new trending T shirts for men in their wardrobe.