What comes in your mind when you think about distance education? yes, a course with the liberty to study from anywhere anyplace. The M.com is a highly practical program to make carriers in various streams. It helps students attain vast theoretical and practical knowledge of commerce and management. The course provides specialist knowledge in respective chosen areas like operations, Human resource finance, etc.

Features of M.com program

Development Activities: the M.com distance education L.P.U program provides analytical decision-making skills .it also solve problems and helps in functional information and research tools.

Technical Skills:  The program is helpful in accounting transactions with the use of industry-relevant software.

 Research Orientation: The program studies various research and statistical tools which further investigate business issues and problems.

 Sustainability and Ethics: The program helps in sustainable growth and recommends business decisions with the guidance of professional ethics and sustainability concerns.

 Communication: The most beneficial about the subject is effective written and oral communication skills. It makes it efficient for professional presentations and social interactions.

 Leadership and Teamwork: Leadership qualities enhance and ability to lead or work as an effective team member. It majorly works in organizing events and team spirit enhances by virtual methods.

 Life-Long Learning: The M.com distance L.P.U is a program in which you learn various aspects for life long. The program has the ability to engage in life-long learning.

 Training is provided to work in various functional areas of business,  The research tools and statistical software develops to solve business problems.

 The course impacts in implementation of accounting and finance principles. There are certain practices that work in national and international business.

Subjects offered:

  • Accounting for managers
  • Computer fundamentals and applications
  • Fundamentals of research
  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Managerial economics
  • Corporate strategy
  • Field Project
  • Forensic accounting and fraud examination
  • Generic elective 2
  • Business research methods
  • Corporate tax structure and planning
  • Generic elective 1
  • International business development
  • Marketing management
  • International accounting
  • Generic elective 3
  • Generic elective 4
  • International financial management

Other measures

The program is efficient in offline as well as online modes. The individual has the liberty of choice to do it either from home comfort or join the university.

The course fee per semester is INR 80000 approx. The university also offers various attractive scholarships based on the academic brilliance and merit of the student.

 The Courses are of two types . The foundation courses and core courses. the foundation course aims at developing the base of the student, the core courses are practically focused and industry oriented.

Students are also given a chance to go for a 4 weeks study tour but based on certain terms & conditions. The tour is a visit to foreign like the USA/ European countries or any other country as depends on the University.

students can choose up to 4 electives subjects from various optional subjects in their course 2 years of study.

Students also get a chance to go abroad for the next year of study. The M.com program is a two-year course at LPU.