Have you ever dared yourself saying “I want to climb Mount Everest” and stand tall at 8,848.48 meters?  If you have then, do you know what sort of equipment, clothing and boots do you need to climb Everest? If you have no idea, then don’t worry we will let you know. At first you will require normal wet hiking clothes and shoes. Make sure to pack a few extra pairs of socks. Ankle high hiking shoes that are snowproof with good ankle support is required for Everest base camp trek. If it is monsoon time, make sure you have an umbrella with you. For trekking Everest base camp, good quality waterproof and windproof jacket and trouser will be sufficient. You do require a sleeping bag too.You can purchase one in Kathmandu if you haven’t brought one from home. Kathmandu valley is wonderful and have more than 250 outdoor shops where you can find everything you need for trekking and expedition. You can either rent or purchase it. Summitclimb will take you to the shop if you have missed any equipment you need.

Just the above-mentioned equipment will not be enough for climbing Mount Everest. Till camp 1 and camp 2 you need 6000m high boots and after reaching camp 3 you will need 8000m high boots. Note down the things: a full down suit, light weighted down jacket, crampons, down mitts, facemask,insulated trousers, insulated climbing layersand different gloves arerequired. Head torches and high-quality snow goggles cannot be missed. Make sure you carry extra batteries for torches. Glacier glasses are also required at night. Your full harness (middle weight) with ascender, ice axe, figure 8 descender, 2 locking carabiners, 4 slings, 4 standard carabiners, and a helmet that will fit over your hat are all required. Altogether you need two sleeping bags one for base camp other for the high altitude. Mattresses can be bought in Lukla with your selection. If you want to buy your favorite snack or any energy drink you need to purchase while shopping in Kathmandu.

Summitclimb offers all equipment like tents, cooks, fuel, food, ropes, snow bars, ladders, chairs, and oxygen bottles in their package unlike most other companies. Also, during the treks, you don’t have to carry your heavy items as they have yaks and Everest Sherpas that will carry your heavy items for you. 

By the way, during the trek, in the base camp, on the mountain, and at high altitude, Summitclimb provides three cooked meals per day. They do ask that you bring your daily energy snack (you can buy chocolates, crisps, chips, and nuts in Kathmandu). Our highly trained Sherpas will always prepare food and make plenty of hot beverages and also fill your water bottles for you.

They will establish various tents for you. Private tents for sleeping, shower tents with hot shower and separate toilets tents. Finally, Everest expedition cost varies from company to company. So please choose wisely and congratulation for daring to climb Everest.


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