The shoulder joint has the most versatile range of motion among all the joints in our body. In case of any injury to the joint, it leads to pain and reduces the ability to move the joint. The person has to deal with discomfort and pain.

At the shoulder, the human body has a ball-and-socket joint that is made up of three types of bones. The three different kinds of bones are the clavicle (collarbone), the humerus (long arm bone), and the scapula (known as the shoulder blade).

Every bone has a layer of cartilage to reduce friction. It is also one of the most mobile joints in the human body. The bones help the shoulder to move forward and backward in a circular motion.

There is a rotator cuff in the shoulder joint. At the time of injury, the tendons get damaged or swollen, due to which it is hard to move the shoulder. There can be different causes of injuries like repetitive motion, playing sports, or any disease.

Physical therapy can help you get rid of the pain and live healthily. You need to get proper treatment for shoulder pain relief in St. George, Utah.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is a very complex joint, and there is nothing to surprise that there can be several causes for shoulder pain. Here are the most common causes of shoulder pain:

Shoulder Tendonitis

Inflammation in the tendons is known as tendonitis. It mostly occurs in one or more one tendon. Tendons of the biceps and rotator cuff area get damaged quickly. The pain may vary from mild to severe depending upon the injury.

Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis is another name for frozen shoulder. It is due to stiffness, thickness, and inflammation in the connective tissues of the shoulder joint; with the increase of pain, the ability to move the shoulder decreases.

Shoulder Bursitis

There is a fluid-filled sac found in the joint of the shoulder known as the bursa. Due to friction in the joint, it became inflamed. It can be due to injury or overuse of the shoulder joint. It causes swelling, warmth, and pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder Osteoarthritis

It is due to general wear and tear of the shoulder joint. People feel stiffness in the shoulder joint because the tissues and cartilage break down. It leads to an increase in pain and a decrease in the mobility of the shoulder joint.

Rotator Cuff Tear

There is a group of muscles that surrounds the shoulder joint known as the rotator cuff. These muscles keep the bones of the shoulder joint aligned. Due to the overuse of the muscles, they get small tears that lead to pain. People who lift heavy weights face large tears. It causes discomfort while sleeping and pain.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

There are various kinds of treatment for the shoulder pain you are experiencing. It entirely depends upon the type of problem you are dealing with. Getting the wrong treatment might increase the issue you are experiencing.

Therefore, you need to find an expert for shoulder pain relief in St. George, Utah. Get a proper diagnosis of the problem and then the treatment. The treatments are as follows:


The most important thing when you feel pain in any joint of the body is to rest. You need to take proper rest and let the soft tissues and muscles heal. However, taking rest can lead to stiffness; you need to take care of that also.

Ice and Heat

In reducing swelling and pain, ice and heat compression is one of the best treatments. You can use it multiple times a day to get rid of the problem. However, it is suggested to use ice and heat compression alternatively at a specific time to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a natural treatment for shoulder pain. Hire an expert therapist for the treatment. It will help you increase mobility, strength and restore the same functions as before the injury.

One of the positive parts of the treatment is that it does not require the consumption of any harmful medications. Also, the treatment is less painful as compared to surgeries.


There are generally two types of medication to ease the shoulder pain you are experiencing. The medicines can help you to reduce swelling and pain. The medications are as follows:

  • NSAIDs – They are also known as over-the-counter medicines. Doctors commonly suggest the medicines in the case of arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. However, risks are always attached to these medications.
  • Steroid Injection – These injections contain strong medicines that are meant to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation in the shoulder joint.

Final Thoughts

Shoulder pain might be common in most people, but you need to get rid of it to beat the discomfort and pain. Physical therapy is quite effective in helping you eliminate the issue. Hire an experienced and skilled physical therapist for shoulder pain relief in St. George, Utah.