The key to having a smooth head shave is to have patience and the ideal head shaving kit. Whether you are a newbie or experiencing baldness for the first time, this expert guide will help you shave your head effortlessly.

Bald is beautiful! If you’re experiencing extensive hair loss at an early age, you probably need to get ready to embrace baldness in the near future. Sadly, there are no such effective means to stop hair loss and receding hairline. Around 40% of the men population experience hair loss issues by the age of 35 which is remarkably huge. So, instead of denying and hiding it using hair patches, combovers, etc., go bald and sport a bold-classic look!

Essentials for best head shaving

Head shaving is quite different from other shaving types owing to the dome head structure and the inability to look at it while shaving. Therefore, it is necessary to have an ideal head shaving kit that will help in getting a smooth and seamless head shaving experience. While you can find a variety of fancy and exquisite shaving products in the market, here are some common essentials that should be included in your head shaving kit:

  • Electric head shaver
  • Lathering agent
  • Shaving brush
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Aftershave oil/lotion

How to shave your head: Step by Step

Head shaving can be a daunting task as inefficiency can lead to risks of cuts, burns, nicks, bumps, etc. Furthermore, it can make you look shaggy and unattractive. It is important to ensure that the head is well-shaved and moisturized to avoid any missed areas and hairs.

No matter whether you are trying a new look or dealing with prolonged hair loss issues, this expert guide will prepare you to be a pro at head shaving. Keep reading!

STEP 1: Trim the hairs

This is the foremost step in a head-shaving drill. Use a hair clipper to trim the hairs to a minimum length that will facilitate easy shaving. Getting a quick trim before shaving your head can ease the shaving efforts while reducing any resistance to the shaver blades.

STEP 2: Wash with warm water

Just like you do it before any shave, it is essential to relax the skin and soften the hairs before you start shaving. Washing it using warm or hot water will open the pores and minimize friction and burns. This will also allow for dirt and grime build-up to be washed away thus giving a smooth glide across the surface.

STEP 3: Use a pre-shave oil

Pre shave oil is a necessity that will help in softening and hydrating the skin and hair before shaving. It acts as a protection against the razor blade to avoid any form of cuts, bruises, and rashes. Applying pre-shave oil will protect your sensitive skin and avoid any form of irritation. You can have a seamless shaving experience throughout.

STEP 4: Apply shaving cream

The primary purpose of applying shaving cream is to have a smooth and improved razor glide. It is best advised to opt for a gel-based shaving cream that facilitates easy visualization of the scalp and avoid any contours or moles.

STEP 5: Shave using a razor/head shaver

This is the main step where you take hold of the razor and start shaving. It is essential to opt for a flexible and good-quality head shaver or razor that will ease your head shaving experience. It is best advised to shave with the grain of your hair to prevent painful ingrown hairs. There are various advanced electric head shavers available in the market that facilitates easy and best head shaving.

STEP 6: Use an aftershave lotion 

Once the shaving is over, it is important to calm the shaved scalp area. Therefore, rinse your head using normal or cold water to close the pores and firm up the skin. This will help in washing away the hairs, dead skin, and leftover shaving cream. Using an aftershave lotion/gel will smoothen the skin surface thereby preventing rashes and skin irritation. An alcohol-free and antiseptic aftershave is ideal to get done with the best head shaving routine.

Pro Tip: Switch to Electric Head Shaver

Well, if you don’t have so much time to go through the above-detailed process of head shaving, an electric head shaver is the ideal solution for you! Ditch the long and time-consuming head-shaving routine and enjoy a smooth and close shave in just a few minutes. These electric head shavers facilitate both wet and dry shaves as per your preference. Whether you are running late or just tired enough for the entire head-shaving process, an electric shaver is there to ease your shaving efforts. They ensure the best head shaving experience with minimized irritation and fewer cuts & bumps.

Maintenance is essential when you decide to sport a bald look! Having an ideal head shaving kit along with an electric head shaver is all you need for seamless head shaving.