The unlisted stock market is where companies that do not have shares traded on a stock exchange. The attractiveness of this kind of investment lies in the possibility of receiving high returns and participating in the management of businesses. These securities are chosen by informed investors who can assess their value with good information.

However, all unlisted stocks include some risks due to lack of transparency or specific characteristics such as size and stage of development. These assets usually offer high profit but it is necessary to pay attention to several factors when one goes into unlisted stock market:

Amount we invest:

We must control our risk appetite when we start investing in unlisted stocks; the trading in these assets classifies in different types: day traders (who seek to take advantage of very short-term movements in price), swing traders (who seek to profit from the fact that the prices go up and down with some amount of predictability) and long-term investors (who expect a higher return on their investment by holding stocks for months or years). Among each type, we can choose according to our needs.

Assets we choose:

On the market, there are several unlisted securities, depending on what they represent; one can find real estate, businesses, technology, finance, oil, gas. Therefore, one must research enough about them and make sure it fits our strategy before investing money in them.

The profile of one’s broker:

Before entering this kind of investment, it is necessary to choose a stockbroker since this represents the link with the market where one buys and sells their securities. They should find one with high levels of knowledge in these assets because it offers almost endless possibilities to invest their money, for this, they need someone who gives us advice about which are the best stocks for us according to our profile.

Costs: When trading in unlisted securities, there are brokerage fees associated with each transaction; make sure they are not excessive. Whenever they carry out an operation cost is added to the price being bought or sold. This can have an impact on profitability; therefore it is advisable that before engaging any action check what they going to pay per trade.


It is always advisable to stay informed about what happens in the market, especially about our investment, so be attentive to access information as soon as possible without delay because it allows one to take advantage of any change or opportunity that may arise.

Study the business model:

It is important to know all the factors that make up a business because this allows one to understand if they are going into a company with good prospects and great future and can therefore consider investing, and thus increase our assets over time; however one should never forget that any company can fail at any time for many reasons beyond their control.


Unlisted securities offer great potential but require much more intensive research than listed stocks since this type is usually not included in the assessment of the major stock markets. 

Therefore, it is necessary to proceed with caution before sell my unlisted shares, but they certainly have an incredible potential if carefully analyzed before being made.