There is no doubt that Diwali is perhaps the most widely celebrated festival in the country. People in different states celebrate the festival with equal fervor and joy. In recent years, with the popularization of online shopping and products being accessible to almost every corner of this vast country, people indulge in shopping like never before. Also, perhaps, this is one of the best times to give something to loved ones and spread joy and light unequivocally. 

Considering the current times and how every individual is managing their daily chores in a digital world from the protection of their homes, buying a tablet for loved ones is certainly a good idea. A Samsung tablet is perhaps the most reliable choice, so peruse this article to pick the best Samsung tablet to gift loved ones.

Be it young children or aged individuals; every Indian household is seeing a surge in digital consumption. Given how the past year has gone by, students are attending classes online, adults are working from home, and retirees are enjoying their dose of entertainment on handheld devices. In this digital era, every individual is connected via the internet. In such times, the perfect alternative to a small mobile phone or an oversized laptop is a tablet. Given below are two models that are worth considering to gift loved ones this festive season:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus:

The best Samsung tablet available in the market as of 2021 is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Far more advanced than the Samsung Tab S7, here, one shall get an improvement in features on all fronts.

Right from the 12.4 inches Super AMOLED display instead of the 11 inch LCD display on the regular one, any buyer shall be able to enjoy movies and video content in the absolute best format. The display is HDR 10+ certified and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This refresh rate is also an intelligent one, thereby constantly adapting to the needs of the user to best use the battery. The tablet is also equipped with the best speaker system, which includes a quad-speaker surround sound that is Dolby Atmos-certified and tuned by AKG. When put together with the stunning display, the tablet shall truly offer a cinematic experience.

The DNA of the Samsung Tab S7 and the Plus variant is the same; hence both have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. This is the fastest ever processor for any Galaxy tab in history. Both tablets also come with 6GB/8GB RAM options and three storage options of 128GB/256GB/512GB. Those looking for additional storage space can always opt to use a MicroSD card as the tablet supports upto 1 TB of expandable storage.

In terms of battery, the Plus variant does differ from the vanilla Samsung Tab S7 as the battery is slightly larger and is 10,090 mAh. However, both the tablets come with the same 45W super-fast charging support.

Keyboard and S Pen support remains to be the same for both the models, but the Plus variant does have enhanced optics via a dual rear camera setup. An ultra-wide camera and a wide-angle camera are both provided here. 

Despite the high sticker price, one can certainly pick the model (WiFi, LTE, 5G) based on need and additionally find some good deals on this tablet and make it the perfect gift for a loved one this festive season.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE:

Much like the Samsung Galaxy S series flagship phones, which have FE models shortly after their launch, Samsung has carried this trend forward to their tablet lineup as well. FE, which essentially stands for “Fan Edition,” is always a more affordable and value for money off-spin of the flagship product with minimal compromises.

The Samsung Tab S7 FE sports a 12.4 inch LCD display with the same battery as that of the expensive Plus variant. The S Pen is also included; one does get WiFi and LTE variant options as well. A single rear and single front camera shall work effectively and get the job done.

A slightly downgraded Snapdragon 778G processor and a 40% lesser price tag make it the best deal to grab this festive season and gift to loved ones, especially if they are not heavy users.


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