Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Colors

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro come in a variety of colours, each of which has its own distinct style. Pixel phones had a simplistic design that didn’t stand out from the crowd until now. With the Pixel 6 series, that has changed for the better. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro both come in three different colour schemes.


One of the most intriguing parts of the Pixel 6 series is its look. The two phones have a two-tone design with a black camera hump that spans the entire backside. This bump separates the two colours on the back of the phone. To distinguish the two phones, use the space above the camera strip. The Pixel 6 Pro is the phone with the emptiest space above the camera bar.

Over the years, Google has opted for a safe design for Pixels, but we’re delighted that with the Pixel 6 series, the firm decided to go with something more modern and striking. The ordinary Pixel 6 is made of matte aluminum, whereas the Pixel 6 Pro is made of light polished aluminum. Both phones have squared-off corners and an industrial style. The steel frame is flanked on both sides by glass. Both phones use Gorilla Glass Victus on the display, however only the Pro has the same Victus glass on the back. The back of the Pixel 6 is protected by Gorilla Glass 6.

The front of both phones is similar to that of almost all Android phones. To keep bezels to a minimum, both phones include a centered hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera. When it comes to bezels, the Pixel 6 features somewhat thicker bezels all the way around the screen. On the Pixel 6, the borders are also flat. Google chose a curved display on the Pixel 6 Pro that blends into the frame on the sides, resulting in lower bezels. Instead of the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner seen on the Pixel 5, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro include in-display fingerprint scanners. Overall, the Pixel 6 series’ strong and distinct appearance will undoubtedly set it apart from other Android phones on the market. It’s good to see Google leading from the front, especially with so many smartphone manufacturers playing it safe with their designs.


The Google Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch flat display with 90Hz refresh rate. Because this is an OLED display, the colour reproduction and viewing angles will be excellent. On the Pixel 5, a hole-punch cutout was located in the upper right corner of the display, but on the Pixel 6, it has been relocated to the middle. The display specifications are standard and comparable to those seen on other phones in this price range. Other manufacturers in this price range include a 120Hz refresh rate, so we’re disappointed that Google limited it to 90Hz on the non-Pro variant. When viewed from the front, the phone’s bezels are also slightly thicker, giving it a little antiquated appearance. On the other side, the Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.67-inch QHD+ 120Hz curved AMOLED screen. Because the display is an LTPO panel, the screen refresh rate can range from 10Hz to 120Hz, depending on what you’re doing on it. This is one of the best smartphone display panels available, and it’s identical to the one seen on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Because it’s a curved panel, there aren’t many bezels on the sides.

Battery and Charging

The standard Pixel 6 has a 4,600mAh battery, which is massive given the phone’s size. Furthermore, because Google is using its own silicon, battery optimization should be greater than if it were using a SoC from another business. Because of the software improvements, the Pixel 6 is expected to have a long battery life.


When compared to the standard Pixel 6, the $899 Pixel 6 Pro merits its moniker. It has enough hardware to compete with Samsung and Apple’s latest phones, including an extra rear camera, a larger and quicker 120Hz display, and more RAM. If you want the best deal, though, the ordinary Pixel 6 is the phone to get. You get a 6.4-inch 90Hz display and excellent cameras for $599. You’ll also get access to the same powerful Tensor processor, useful applications, and photo capabilities such as Magic Erase. To safeguard your investment, look into the best Google Pixel 6 cases and the best Google Pixel 6 Pro cases after you’ve made your purchase.