Indian Paintings And Its Greatest Painters Of All Time

Indian Paintings- as an art form, have always stayed with the ancient culture and tradition of India. While we praise the beauty of colors, strokes, and elements used- seeing the effort and talent of the greatest painters of all time is a must.

While digging into our very own cultures- making sure that we know the names and history of everyone- who contributed towards the making of history is important. Let us read more about the best 5 painters of India!

1.  Maqbool Fida Husain / M.F. Husain

One of the most famous artists and painters, M.F Husain, is known as a self-taught artist. He was known for his vivid, lively, and intense nature of painting. Being called an eminent personality on an international level, Husain has been able to prove time and again that art is virtuoso. His skills were deep and unmatched. Two of his most famous paintings are ‘Horses’ and ‘Mother India’.

Also known as ‘Bharat Mata’, the painting is a depiction of the nation India as a woman. Inspiration for the same was found post the death of the mother of the artist at a very young age. The other painting, ‘Horses’, is known to be a marvelous painting of an animal from the era of abstract expressionism. They are said to be a portrayal of self-re-establishment and exuberance. Husain is a common name for Modern Indian Paintings because of his fearless portrayal of imagination and his wish to immerse into international influences. If you look at his works, they all are rooted in Indian Vocabulary and aesthetics- especially in his formative years.

Mr. Husain was also awarded a Padma Bhushan award- and is still an unmatched personality and Indian Paintings artist. But, his success was not an easy road. He

2.  Francis Souza

Another artist who has irreversibly shaped and changed the Indian art landscape is F.N.Souza, he was the first to invite Hussein to join the group of progressive artists. He led the newly independent Indian avant-garde movement. However, Suza has absorbed so much international influence that she is often called “Indian Picasso”. His themes often depict characters and are often distorted. These characters often embody a kind of lust and emotion, expressed in the form of a religious dilemma.

Born in a strict Roman Catholic family in the Portuguese colony of Goa in 1924, his growing up experience is regarded as a conflict between the surrounding Indian erotic art and the repressive teachings of the Catholic Church. This duality of what he calls “guilt and sexy” has greatly shaped his art. Souza’s canvases range from deformed, pointed, faceless bodies and violent scenes of the Passion of Christ, to sensual sculptural nudes and gentle expressions of mother and child.

3.  Vasudeeo Gaitonde

Vasudeo S Gaitonde has been breaking auction records in recent years, and his artworks are currently considered to be the most expensive artworks in the Indian art market. Gaitonde’s large canvas is composed of soft and soft colors, which immediately reflects the spiritual quality and contemplative face of his art.

 Gaitonde was born in Maharashtra in 1924. In 1948, he obtained a painting diploma from JJ Jazz Art Academy, and then joined the progressive artist group. Gaitonde’s art itself is a complete process. Gaintonde’s artistic practice is all-encompassing, and it is strange that he refuses anything outside of artistic practice. Over the years, he has gradually become a painter, becoming more and more detailed in the expression of his identity. Gaintonde regularly exhibits nationally and internationally, and in 1971 together with Padma Shree won prestigious awards and accolades.

Wrap up:

While we initiate the idea of promoting more Indian paintings, Holding on to the knowledge of such greatest painters of all time is wrong. Learn more about your ancestors who had their fair share of struggles and ended up giving some beautiful outcomes to us. You must also make sure that one such painting resides in your home- making it the best wall of your house.