Several elements contribute to making a company a reliable brand name. One of these is the ease with which customers can connect with the business.

Connectivity and accessibility are no longer a concern in the world of EdTech today due to on-demand access to the internet, tutors, and courses. There is also an increasing inclination among students to learn remotely, thanks to the pandemic. Students are now learning through multiple media such as virtual whiteboards, online courses, and virtual classrooms and are just one phone call or internet click away from getting all the information they need at their fingertips. As millions of students increasingly adapt to the virtual learning world, it is important for EdTech companies to ensure they are always connected with potential students, parents, and tutors.

One of the most cost-effective ways of ensuring that customers are always connected to a business is by adding a toll-free number to the communications suite. Toll-free numbers are an indispensable asset that helps a company deliver round-the-clock service to customers, enable seamless communication, and help grow the business over time.

Role of toll-free numbers in the EdTech industry

Since they are toll-free, callers do not have to incur charges to contact a business, making enterprises look approachable and increasing the likelihood of customers connecting with them. Toll-free numbers also offer a quick query resolution channel, where customers can review a company’s services or products.

Due to their inherent advantages, toll-free numbers have immense potential to serve the needs of the EdTech industry. This industry caters to the needs of diverse individuals, right from individuals such as students, teachers, freelancers, content creators, and working professionals looking to upskill themselves to institutions such as schools, colleges, and businesses.

When serving a diverse set of stakeholders, a toll-free number can help provide additional services, apart from resolving customer queries, which include:

  • Clarifying and routing student queries in a course: Through integration with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the system can directly record student queries on certain topics or themes and route the call to the respective tutor.
  • Booking appointments with select tutors
  • Sending important alerts to students and parents (such as exam schedule, due dates, performance updates) through outbound calling solutions

Toll-free solutions enable the education sector to function while catering to the needs of all stakeholders and facilitating comprehensive e-learning by seamlessly connecting faculty, staff, and students from anywhere according to their needs. They also offer operational efficiencies to the company through varied benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer experience: Students always have a channel to connect, making the brand look professional and increasing user confidence and trust.
  • Boost employee productivity: The incoming calls to a toll-free number are always routed to the right tutor or stakeholder in the appropriate department, saving them the effort of manually routing calls to the relevant personnel.
  • Simplified processes: The EdTech company can connect a wide range of departments and staff members according to its business needs, ranging from inquiries before purchases to after-sales support. The cherry on the cake is that students do not have to dial different numbers for varying needs. One number is all they need to connect them to the right stakeholder or department.
  • Improved staff training and performance management: Conversations held over a toll-free number can be recorded and saved to check for potential flaws in the delivery of customer support. These can be fixed proactively and used to improve training given to customer support personnel.
  • Auditing and insights for improvement: Thanks to analytics for toll-free calls, EdTech companies can analyze call data, including the number of received calls and missed calls, customer locations, etc. These insights can help improve business decisions and identify new opportunities and areas of improvement for a company.
  • Privacy: With a call or number masking, an advanced data protection measure, a seamless connection can be facilitated without disclosing customer phone numbers, resulting in improved security.

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