Macarons are the delicious yummy dessert loved by the French people, but now Americans also like to eat macarons. Macarons are also used as cupcakes. You will find them in different colors. These can be used in many events for serving to the guests. Macarons are a good decision to serve in the events to enhance its look custom macaron boxes are used.  You can also print some information on the custom macaron boxes like the purpose of the event, celebration or birthday, etc. There is also the option for decorating the macaron boxes with decorative elements.

Use Macaron Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are commonly used for serving sweets at events. If you use these favor boxes, it will make your event memorable. There are lots of designs for the favor boxes. You can choose any box. Customization plays a big role in designing boxes for events. You can design your favor macaron boxes according to your desired design. Not only that, customization allows you to decide its size, design, printing information, and many more things on the boxes that you want to need. Following are the other ideas that can help you in enhancing the look of favor boxes. If you want to get more information about the packaging of macaron, you can read more: Things You Need To Consider For Your Macaron Packaging

Add Ribbon & Laces

There are different styles and colors of ribbons and laces are available. Choose these ribbons and laces according to your choice and need. Decorate your custom macaron boxes that can enhance the look of your macarons and feel pleasure while opening your macaron boxes. Tie the ribbons and laces creatively that can impress the audience. There is also another option you can also paste ribbon or laces on the boxes. 

Decorate Boxes with Beats & Buttons

This is also a good option to decorate your boxes with beats and buttons. Your decorations will show your creativity and be able to attract the audience. Not only that, it will create a positive impression. Use the combination of beats and different sizes of buttons and paste it on the boxes with cleanness so that the glue that you used for pasting buttons and beats should not be prominent on the boxes. 

Go for Fancy Printing

Customization will allow you to print anything that you want on your custom macaron boxes. There is a variety of printing or designs available for the custom macaron boxes, you can place your order now. In the event fancy printing is used but do not it messy by overprinting. For designing these boxes, symmetrical or floral flakes are used. These designs enhance the looks of the boxes. Use the foiling designs on the favor boxes to make it more creative and attractive. 

Use Theme Based Personalization Effect

With the design, if you use the personalized theme for your macaron boxes, then it will add a feather in a cup. It will make your event more splendid and unforgettable. Theme-based personalization means the same color that you used for a theme, also use the same color for other things. For example, if you use the light blue color for your decoration, if you use blue color as well for the custom macaron boxes, it will be a perfect and great option for you. 

Paste Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and butterflies are also a creative idea, you can also decorate your boxes by pasting flowers and butterflies on the macaron boxes. As you know, flowers are the symbol of mature charm and thoughtfulness, so it makes the environment pleasant and makes your audience happy and joyful. In fact, you have added macaron in the boxes so they will become happy doubly.

Use the Net Cloths

Using the net cloth can also make your macaron boxes more beautiful and attractive. Use shiny colors like golden, also use the glitters for enhancing its look. You can tie net cloths by covering custom macaron boxes with the help of ribbon or laces. 


Make your event more memorable by using decorative techniques for decorating your custom macaron boxes creatively. There are many ideas to decorate them, choose the idea and make a boom in your event.