The slides choked with a whole bunch of words and the screen flooded with the brightest colors might have ruined you so well. We endure bad presentations dutifully. But the crap bad presentations create is a bagful.

Here are a few functions of a good presentation design agency

l  Inform: Presentations impart new, interesting, motivating, and sometimes life-changing knowledge to the audience. An informing presentation will be forever remembered or at least remembered with a good remark. 

Instruct: Most presentations provide a practical method for using the knowledge that is shared.

Entertain: If executed correctly, presentations can entertain the audience to provide a healthy experience. Entertaining presentations can captivate the audience’s imagination and make them think more freely.

Inspire: Well-crafted and presented slides have the power to arouse feelings of self-knowledge that can influence the behavior of the audience. 

Persuade: Presentations make an appeal to an audience’s logic, emotions and persuade their thoughts. 



Before every presentation, feel free to ask yourself, ‘What do my audience want to know? What will they find interesting about my topic?’ Brainstorm ideas according to these questions. Your presentation must be an answer for these. Jot down ideas in a structured and clear manner to create a really interesting presentation.


List the messages you want to convey through your presentation and streamline it focusing on the most important ones. Concentrate on these messages throughout your presentation. Keep your message focused and stick to what you want to say. If you have information that isn’t relevant to your message, just cut them down.


How you start your presentation is crucial! A better start can anchor the audience and make the audience feel great. Everyone enjoys a good presentation. The beginning of your presentation is crucial enough to make the audience decide if they are going to listen to you or not. To engage the audience immediately, tell an interesting story, show an intriguing picture or do something entertaining. Stories and pictures are the best ways to draw the attention of the audience. By using one of these public speaking techniques, your audience will be hooked.


Creating variety in your presentation is important. It will keep your audience interested! Hook your audience by using eye-catching images, tiny videos, catchy tags, etc. Involve your audience as much as possible. Make your presentation a two-way process. Ask the audience questions to keep them alert. Far from following the same manner of narration, use different ways to engage the audience. 


Good public speakers make a presentation better through their clarity. The audience wants to hear you. So make sure you are speaking at a good volume in a clear language. Do not blabber due to nervousness. Keep your language clear and make eye contact with the audience. Emphasize words you want your audience to hear. Add suspense and intrigue by variation of your sound. Use body language as well as your voice volume to increase the excitement!