Networks, like any other technology, are vulnerable to security attacks. The ever-evolving m-world When you use your computer to access the Internet, Microsoft does not allow you to view what is going on behind the scenes. To whom or what is your computer “conversing”? What happened to all of your data allowance? Is your RSP (Retail Service Provider – formerly known as ISP Internet Service Provider) notifying you that you’ve used up all of your monthly data? If this sounds like you, we’ve discovered an application called Glassware that can help you figure out why your monthly data allowance has vanished or who is following your computer. It is a free tool that can be downloaded and installed to monitor your network. The application keeps track of not just your computer but also those on your network. All of the information is displayed on simple graphical panels.

Glasswire for Network Monitoring: Spyware and Malware

Glasswire can detect adware, malware, poorly performing programs (apps), and anyone who is a bandwidth hog, such as children playing games or downloading movies, among other things. These ‘hogs’ can have their connections cut off if necessary.

Network Changes

This tool can also notify you to network-related changes to your computer or strange changes to your programs that could signal malware of some kind, allowing you to run antivirus scans before any damage or excessive damage is done.

Unknown Devices

If you use Wi-Fi to connect your PCs, Glasswire can notify you when new unknown devices join your network. If you believe that your Wi-Fi password has been compromised or that someone is attempting to access your Wi-Fi network without your permission, this can be quite useful.

New Program Accessing

This program also notifies you whenever a new program connects to the network (cabled or wireless), allowing you to ban it if necessary. This helps to prevent malware or a physical person who shouldn’t have access to your data from accessing it.

Time Machine

Glasswire also offers a unique function called “Time Machine,” which allows you to examine what your computer has been up to while you were away. As a result, you won’t have to sit and monitor your network and PCs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The software will monitor data use and harmful attempts to access your network and steal information or spread malware.

Network Analysis

Furthermore, by offering extensive network analysis usage statistics broken down by IP/Host, program, network traffic kinds, and more, this program aids in spotting threats using network monitoring. This allows you to see who is doing what and how much Google Chrome is accessing the network, as well as who has used Skype. There is a graph that displays incoming and outgoing statistics in an easy-to-understand graphical format. The Hosts section is another valuable feature, since it reveals which Hosts have been contacted and where they are located, provided they are not concealed by VPNs or other “cloaking” methods. A turn-on function with “Ask to connect” mode to allow or refuse new application connections is also available. Again, this helps prevent harmful programs or persons from accessing data and programs they shouldn’t – children’s games or other “adult sites?”

Microsoft and Android Compatible

Glasswire is accessible for both Microsoft Windows and Android devices. This application functions as a complete firewall for your computer and network.


With approximately 20 million downloads by mid-2020, this software is clearly popular. The free Basic version and the premium Glasswire Pro, Basic or Elite version are both available. This program has received great ratings from Android Authority, PC World, and Lifehacker. Try Glasswire’s Firewall if you want to see what’s going on with your computer or network. It might be just what you’re looking for. We hope you found this post on how to utilize network monitoring to detect hidden threats useful. Please do not hesitate to contact an authentic computer repair center if you require assistance. For your information, if you have been infected with malware, you should go to the professionals in malware removal and not try to do it on your own.