Microsoft Edge browser has a simple interface. This browser is very robust and also offers good security. The internet surfing of Edge browser is way safer than other web browsers. But few users reported that the plugin container for the Edge has stopped working. The plugin issues on Edge can appear due to outdated setup or malware. 

Repairing Microsoft Edge Plugin Container Error

Restart the Edge Browser

Whenever the browser stops working, restart it. Check all the open tabs and save the data. Now try closing the Microsoft Edge directly. In case, the Edge is not closing then use the task manager. Go to task manager and close the Edge. Your Edge can also show errors due to runtime issues on the computer. To fix those errors, you should restart your PC. Close the apps and then hit on Restart. Now open the Edge browser and check for the plugin container error.

Scan PC for Malware

Your computer can show issues when malware has infected the device. Viruses start to corrupt many functions and then programs stop working. For fixing Microsoft Edge pop-up virus error, the user should remove all malware from the device. Open the device and go to the antivirus. If you have a personal security program, run the scan. Otherwise, search for Windows Defender and run the scan. After scanning, all viruses will get removed from the device. Restart your MS Edge web browser and check for the error.

Update your MS Edge Browser

The functions of Edge start showing issues when the setup is running outdated. Go to the computer and open the Edge. Click on the settings and choose More. Select settings and tap on About Microsoft Edge. If you see the new update for MS Edge then install it. After updating the browser, all its functions will start running correctly. Restart the browser and now you can use it reliably. Browser issues can appear when the operating system is outdated. You should also inspect for the OS update. If a new update appears for the operating system, install it on the device. Now restart the computer and check for Edge plugin error. 

Turn off extensions from Edge

Plugin error can appear on Edge when you have installed any incompatible or malicious extension. These extensions allow easy access to the sites but can make the browser heavy. Using malicious extensions not only shows errors but can also steal data from the PC. Whenever the plugin-container error occurs, check for its extensions.

  1. Go to the settings icon the browser
  2. Choose Extensions 
  3. Check for all the extensions on your browser
  4. Go to all suspicious extensions and then choose to turn off

Now run the Edge and inspect the plugin error. If your browser is working then you have to find the malicious extension. Start enabling the plugin and check the error. When you get the plugin that is creating issues on the browser; remove it. After removing the malicious plugin, restart the Edge and run it without any error. 

Repair your Microsoft Edge

When the Edge is showing an error but you can’t find the cause then try the Repair tool. This inbuilt tool will check for the errors on your Edge setup and then repair them. You can run the repair tool with admin rights only. Close the Edge browser on the device.

  1. Open Settings and select Apps 
  2. Click on Apps & Features and choose the Edge browser
  3. Hit on the Modify option 
  4. A confirmation prompt may appear

Select Yes and then choose the Repair button. It will check the Edge setup and then repair the corrupted files. After running the repair tool, reopen the Edge browser and check the error.

Clear the History and Cache

The Edge saves the temp internet files for loading the pages quickly. But when the browser has lots of files, it becomes heavy and starts showing errors. For troubleshooting browser related errors, you should remove history files and cache from the device. On Edge, click on Settings and More option; choose the history option and Clear browsing data. Click on All-Time and choose Cached images. Choose Clear Now and all the cache will get removed from the browser. Now open a new tab on Edge and check for the plugin error.