Rising waters are a threat to your Jeep. After all, severe weather systems quickly drop mass amounts of rain that can cause overflows and hazardous diving conditions. Whether you’re out off-roading or driving down the road, floods become a potential problem, impacting your tires, steering and safety.

Protect your Jeep and bolster your driving ability with modifications that hold up against heavy rains and floods. Learn how Jeep Lift Kits and suspension improvements could significantly impact your storm journeys.

Improve Your Suspension

Jeeps are built tough, and because of their design, they can handle much of what nature delivers. However, storm floods remain a concern because of the mass amount of fluid that builds quickly.

Surges prove hazardous to your Jeep’s electrical system. Your Jeep may have the power to get through the deluge, but the movement and water infiltration can significantly harm the electrical boards. Before pushing your way through, ensure your car has the proper clearance and infrastructure to withstand the elements.

Give your Jeep a boost by putting in a lift kit. Oversized tires and height are essential to staying above the water line and protecting your engine. They add durability, increase your vision and provide necessary elevation.

Amp up your brakes, transmission and driveshafts to offer excellent control, allowing you to navigate rugged terrain while maintaining command. In addition, upgrade your vehicle’s suspension system. Ensure Drivetrain parts are in solid condition and deliver exceptional quality. With these additions, you can stop and go feeling secure with your actions and minimizing drifts.

Also, check the exhaust pipe. Don’t let it get underwater because stall-outs become more likely if it doesn’t. You don’t want to get stuck on the road.

Secure Your Jeep Body

You don’t need water under the car, and you don’t want it filling the interior. Storm floods threaten the interior’s quality and could interfere with your drive. Before a system rolls into town, ensure you have the appropriate accessories to secure the Jeep, keeping it dry.

An open ride gives you fresh air and a connection to nature; however, it makes the Jeep vulnerable to rain. Invest in durable and reliable coverings. Browse through hard and soft top options that provide solid seals. Put them on at the first sign of inclement weather.

If you have a top, but the windows stay open, invest in coverings. Rain can get in from the sides, and so can flooding. Make sure top to bottom is closed off as best as possible.

Jeeps are hardy, but if the water builds up over time, you could face many problems. Drenched floors and seats are unpleasant, soggy and smelly. Breathe in the fresh air, not musty odors; clean them immediately or line them.

Cover them up with accessories that block out moisture. Use water-proof seat covers and bed liners to safeguard these features. Opt for vinyl or leather options that repel rain rather than absorb it.

Protect your Jeep from storm threats. You can securely navigate the waters with the right Bestop top and an enhanced suspension system. Weather is unpredictable. Set your Jeep up today to battle upcoming storms.


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