A training or ITIL management practice in ITIL 4 is characterized by Axelos as a bunch of authoritative assets intended for performing work or achieving a target. In ITIL v3 (the past rendition of ITIL), the structure comprises five phases as a piece of the ITIL service lifecycle.

Each stage comprises a bunch of cycles or capacities that are lined up with the IT authoritative construction. ITIL 4, then again, portrays practices rather than measures.

These ITIL 4 management practices consolidate inputs from general business management areas, the help management space, and related innovation answers for giving IT services. The ITIL Service Value System incorporates a sum of 14 general service practices, 17 help management practices, and 3 specialized service practices.

These require enabling the organization for adoption of a product-based organizational structure, defining flexible architecture, adoption of latest technology practices like cloud computing, micro services, agile way of doing project management, financial management, adaptive risk management, human centered design etc.

The management practices can be defined as a set of organizational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective. The management practices are segregated into three parts.

They are;
General management practices (14) which are applicable across the organization for the success of business and services provided by the organization.

Service management practices (17) which are applicable for specific services being developed, deployed, delivered and supported in an organization environment.

Technical management practices (3) have been adapted from technology management domains for service management purposes by expanding or shifting their focus from technology solutions to IT services.

ITIL 4 Management Practices

To summarize, in this module we looked at all the 34 management practices, their purpose, description, and service value change activities related to the practices. The 34 practices are grouped into three. Those are:

General Management Practices (14)
Service Management Practices (17)
Technical Management practices (3)

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