If you want to know about the dangers that can be caused due to a leaky basement, then you need to give this blog a very good read.

So, have you been ignoring your leaky basement for quite some time now, just because it is going to pinch your pockets? If yes, then I must tell you that you are playing with a lot of dangerous side-effects that it can have on your house, belongings, family members, and you. Trust me, living in a leaky basement is way more serious than you are thinking it to be. Browse this site

To know how harmful, it is and the side effects of it, kindly keep reading this blog.

  • The decrease in Value – The basic foundation of your house will get damaged eventually if you continue to live in one with a watery basement. Ignoring it constantly will lead to a major decrease in its overall resale value as well as lead to more cracks in the cement, more leaks, and water seepage.
  • Mould and Mildew Issues – Living in a damp house means you are sending out invitation’s cards to mould and mildew to come to dwell with you. If you don’t know as yet, let me tell you that the mould can spread throughout the structure of your home, to the HVAC system and eventually to the entire house if left ignored for a long time. Even the non-toxic mould attacks wooden framing and furniture, carpets, ceiling, tiles, etc, leave alone the toxic ones like the black mould. Hence, take the precautionary measure in the very beginning and opt for basement waterproofing in Toronto.
  • Health Issues – Now, living with mould means your health can get severely hampered. It can lead to skin allergies, nasal congestion and breathing problems, inflammations, rhinitis, acute cough, and cold, etc.
  • Fire Hazard – We all know that fire and water are enemies and hence, if electrical wiring is there in your basement, you are really playing with a danger! Everything can get ruined within a few minutes because of your sheer negligence.
  • Belongings – As mentioned earlier, you will be also playing with the durability of your precious belongings such as artworks, expensive furniture, wardrobes, cupboards, etc. Why take risks when you can simply call a plumber and get it fixed? Ideally, you should call a professional as soon as you doubt that you have a watery basement instead of waiting for major signs! And yes, it is always suggested to waterproof your basement from beforehand even if there are no signs so that you do not have to deal with such complications in the future.Check that
  • Slip and fall – Do your kids keep on visiting the basement? Or, are there elderly people in your house? Well then, you should never delay in waterproofing your basement. And frankly speaking, even if you think that you will use the mop every once in a while, it is really not possible.
  • Higher Bills – Yes, you read that right! In the course of not calling a plumber, you might just end up spending more on electricity bills. So, don’t waste energy and thereby, pay higher bills by neglecting your leaky basement.
  • Pests – A damp house can bring in pests as well. So, if you do not want to live in a house full of rats and cockroaches, then you should definitely take action right away. Remember that pests flourish in watery environments and can trigger serious illnesses such as asthma.
  • Bacteria – If you think that the antibacterial cleaning products that you got from the grocery store last month will suffice for your damp basement, then you are seriously mistaken. Bacteria again can lead to health hazards.
  • Dust Mites – If the environment in the basement is humid, then dust mites will also be present there, leading to sicknesses like stuffy nose, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, sneezing and asthmatic symptoms.

So, these are the various side-effects of having a watery basement. Hopefully, by now you are convinced that basement waterproofing in Toronto is not just an option but a necessity. Hence, get it fixed at the earliest. To know more about this, please keep following my blogs.