Durov, having dealt with TON beforehand, could acquaint a comparable help with Telegram later on.

Wire could before long offer a commercial center to sell addresses, organizer Pavel Durov said. In a post on his own Telegram station, which has 651,000 supporters, Durov proposed that great many saved Telegram locations could be sold as resources on the blockchain. Durov composed that he was enlivened by The Open Network (TON’s) late offer of more than 2,000 ‘.ton’ space names — a deal which added up to 2,392,002 Toncoin, every one of which exchanges for $1.33 (generally Rs. 100) at the hour of composing, netting around $3 million (generally Rs. 24 crore).

Envision how fruitful Telegram with its 700 million clients could be in the event that we put saved @ usernames, gathering and station joins available to be purchased,” he said.

Durov proposed that Telegram could take advantage of comparable innovation to carry out another commercial center that could be utilized to trade “snappy t.me addresses like @storm or @royal, and each of the four-letter client names:”

This would make another stage where username holders could move them to closely involved individuals in safeguarded bargains — with proprietorship got on the blockchain by means of NFT-like shrewd agreements. Different components of the Telegram biological system, including stations, stickers or emoticon, could later additionally turn out to be important for this commercial center,” he added.

Despite the fact that TON was initially planned by Telegram, control of the blockchain was given over to The Open Network people group in June 2020. The firm had to relinquish proprietorship as a component of a settlement manage the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which recorded a protest against Telegram for supposedly directing an unregistered protections deal for $1.7 billion as GRAM tokens.

All things considered, Telegram is still very familiar with the TON blockchain. The informing stage presently allows clients straightforwardly to trade Toncoin through bots that robotize exercises on the stage. However Telegram permits these bots, it doesn’t be guaranteed to embrace them.

The principal barters on TON DNS went live on July 30, and similar as the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) .eth” spaces, the “.ton” variation permits clients to get to decentralized applications in a straightforward manner without expecting to type a long series of letters and numbers from their wallet addresses.


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