Marketing is one of the basic tools for running a successful business. Oftentimes, it is the marketing strategy that determines the success or failure of a particular campaign or a product. If the marketing strategy is smart, the product will sell like hot sales, if the marketing strategy is lousy, a great product may go unnoticed in a large market. 

The importance of marketing for the success of a business is never doubtful. However, sometimes the budget decides what marketing strategy a business can pursue. Low budgets often result in bad marketing, hence failing the business. However, it does not have to be like this every time. 

Here are some affordable marketing tactics that will show you positive results, if execution is done right. So let’s read. 

  1. Start A Blog

Online marketing is by far the cheapest marketing tactic that you can utilize for your small business. When you are on a tight budget, social media platforms can help you with a lot of benefits. 

Blogging is a great way of marketing your business to a targeted audience. Start writing a blog by creating your account on WordPress. You can post about the latest business development and keep your customers updated with your business. 

Blogging on social media platforms, such as Instagram, can help you reach a wide audience, however, you will need to strategize your moves. 

  1. Unite Content With SEO

Content writing or blogging itself will not provide your business with enough advantages unless you combine it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization helps your content gain organic traffic on the internet.

You can optimize your content and business website by yourself if you are familiar with the concept. Otherwise, you can easily hire companies that have expertise in SEO. 

These companies may ask for a little fee for their services, however, the results can be long-lasting. 

  1. Turn Your Loyal Customers Into Ambassadors

One great way of marketing your business with little to no investment is to ask for referrals. There is no shame in asking your loyal clients to bring in new clients for you. Many businesses, especially those involved in the real estate business, ask for referrals. 

You can turn your loyal customers into ambassadors with a few simple strategies. For example, distributing branded products, such as custom padfolios, pens, bags, and more items can help you market your business for free.

Whenever your clients use the products in public, they will be reinforcing your brand’s image to the new potential clients. 

  1. Engage In Public Dealings

You can also market your business successfully at a very affordable price by signing yourself up for local fairs. Local fairs, sporting events, and other informal gatherings are a great way to make your brand appear in front of the public eye. 

You can sponsor local game shows, such as a 100k run, or any water sports gala. When people see your brand associated with something of their interest, chances are that your brand will leave an impression on them.

Public dealings can also allow you to spread your brand’s message and attract new clients.

  1. Offer Free Workshops

You can attract more clients to your business by offering free seminars and workshops. Seminars and workshops provide a formal platform to introduce yourself and your business formally to new clients. 

You can prepare a short pitch to get everyone’s attention and present a PowerPoint presentation to tell them more about your brand. 

Workshops and seminars allow customers to realize the need for your brand in their lives. If you do it right, you can benefit from this a lot. 

  1. Take Advantage Of Trade Shows

Local or international business shows or trade shows allow small businesses to present themselves to the world. 

You should register your business for such trade shows. Present a positive brand image in front of many potential clients who are looking for something of their interest. If you manage to attract a few clients from the tradeshow, you can open your business to a new horizon of success. 

Trade shows or business fairs usually do not charge anything from small businesses, however, even if they do, the price is worth the benefits it brings for your business.