our might be thinking Who is Nekraj Bhartiya? From where has this name poped up from.

Ever since the game of cricket is being played, the need of cricket analyst have been surged a lot. Also from past few years with an increase in the interest of Fantasy Cricket, people have been searching alot for an experienced Cricket Analyst and a Fantasy Cricket Expert.

So yes, Nekraj Bhartiya is that name. A Well-Known Cricket Analyst and a Fantasy Cricket Expert.

Who is Nekraj Bhartiya?

Nekraj Bhartiya, A Cricket Expert & Tipster who provides Online Free Cricket Betting Tips (CBTF 7) from Dec 2014.

Dream11 is the biggest and the most famous Fantasy Cricket playing platform. Nekraj Bhartiya is an active participant in the fantasy tournament games which are played in these Apps. He is continuously looking for tips and tricks to win huge in fantasy Cricket. Many of which he has already minted out. And those tricks have not only helped him earn huge, his followers also have earned and are earning alot.

Nekraj Bhartiya give Cricket Betting Tips in all forms if Cricket. Yes you heard it Right!!! He now gives an exclusive prediction on odi, t20 and test. The main reason behind his giant fan base is because of the accuracy he provides to his followers. In T20 Leagues he provides an Accuracy of 80 to 85%. Giving Prediction of all the matches.

He has also got an YouTube Channel. Expertfreetips: Today Match Prediction. With an impressive amount of subscribers, 26.8k subscribers, he has created an impact full presence in the life of people who are involved in betting. In his video he explains everything about the player’s form, last 4 matches Result and ground stats and then at the end he gives the prediction of winner team and fantasy team.

Nekraj Bhartiya is not only associated with dream11, he is also associated with myfab11 too.

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Besides giving Match Prediction and Fantasy team, he gives toss prediction too. His Followers are more into toss betting so understanding the need if his followers he have started providing toss tips too with an average accuracy of 75% on each and every match.

This is not the end of the service he provides. He also gives Daily Online Betting Tips too. These are the prediction of side bets like “How much 4s and 6s will be there in a match” or ” How much Wickets to fall in total” and many more. There he has the maximum Accuracy, an Accuracy of more than 90% .

Not only this he has a huge amount of followers in telegram (36k). We have mentioned some of the usernames you can search on Telegram, all of these belongs to Nekraj bhartiya.

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