I don’t know about you people but I was afraid of getting myself into the use of spy apps. I thought that it will be made me dependable or maybe paranoid. But I was wrong. In reality, people who do not use the monitoring software live a paranoid life. For example, parents are always worried about the whereabouts and location of the teen. A little late from school or a friend’s party and they start thinking about worst-case scenarios. It is not their fault. The present case scenario makes the parents anxious and worried about the security and safety of the kids. Along with that parents should be more cautious about the online world and gadgets. Especially with the easy access to a cellphone, everything is at stake as we don’t know how kids are handling that thing. Even we adults are unable to manage these gadgets then how can we expect the sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable teenagers to behave at their best.

  • According to pew survey that included the data of parents of teenagers aged 13- 17 years old 55% of Parents limit the frequency or time per day a child can go online.

This way of parenting may seem strict to some but it is necessary for the benefit of children. Use of the best parental control app for iPhone and android i.e the OgyMogy can make it easy for the parent community. Here are the top ten features that can convince you to get the spy app right away.

Call History:

Have a check on the incoming and outgoing call record of the teenager remotely. With the call logbook access, you can know if they are getting any spam calls or are threatened or blackmailed by anyone.

Browing Activities Report:

Internet is the basic need of every household. Don’t believe it? turn off the wifi and you will know about it. Keep track of the online activities of the kids with the track internet browsing history feature offered by the best parental control app for iPhone and Android the OgyMogy. You must know what kind of web content get your kid’s attention and what is their general online interest. 

Calendar Activities Reports:

Have remote access to the built calendar and find out about any secret plans of your kid right away.

SMS History:

This generation prefers text messages over calls. Get into the text message folder and read the content. Track any use of foul or abusive language with the help of OgyMogy. You can even know about any code words and slang as well to know more about teenager’s world. 

GPS Location:

No doubt is the best tracking app for iPhone and Android as you can know about the real-time location of the kid very easily. Trace the pinpoint location with timestamp information and make sure your child is safe with the help of the spy app.


Want to know what your teen frequently searches for on the web. Well, The app offers a track bookmark feature. It lets the user know about the favorite bar information and that way you can find out about the hobbies and interests of the teen.

Unlock Photo Folder:

 Young people like to save everything in-camera. With easy access to the internet and all kind, parents must make sure that they have access to the photo or video folder of the teen. The app gives access to the parents even if the folder is password encrypted. Use the spy app and know about the captured, downloaded, and shared images and videos present in your teen cellphone.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

Manage the screen time of the teen with a real-time screen monitoring feature. Recordings are also saved in the form of snapshots and short videos.  

Access to Installed App Content:

Check the kind of apps installed in your kid’s phone and track any dating app or violent games app right away.

Social Media Monitoring:

Name the social media app and OgyMogy has got it covered for you. Use Facebook screen recorder, Snapchat screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Whatsapp spy app, Line spy app, and many more to keep a check on the social media alife of the teenager.