Are you tired of staying home 24×7 and following all the COVID-19 regulations from the last year and a half? It has been a long battle against the dreadful virus, and we all need a break from it. But with the positive cases still emerging, we must continue following the health and safety precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe.

Talking about families, ever wondered how irked or bored the kids at your home would be because of these social distancing norms? We guess you already have. Parents across the globe have had a tough time keeping their kids entertained and interested in online studies.

And we genuinely commend all such parents for their mettle. It is not easy looking after energetic young ones restricted inside four walls for a long time.

We would like to acknowledge such parents, teachers, or friends of such parents and teachers, about this online engagement activity for kids that mixes a dose of learning with fun to make things less mundane for all. It is called Online Wellbeing Incursion and let us help you learn more about this activity.

What is Online Wellbeing Incursion?

It is an online activity where kids can learn about realizing their true potential. It is all about making them feel more confident and resilient along with arranging fun activities such as dancing and other games where they can unwind. It is a mixture of educational and fun activities held in one event.

The target audience for these activities usually consists of kids aged between 5 to 12 years. These kids are believed to be old enough to understand the concepts being taught to promote self-belief, self-worth, and overall confidence. This can be the right age to introduce these concepts through educational events in kids. It can go a long way in deciding the path of their future.

What All Is Included in This Activity?

As with any other online/offline event, the choice of activities to include depends on the target audience. Also, the itineraries of this event or activity can vary according to the organiser’s selection. For example, if the kids being invited are more likely to be interested in singing activity over dancing, the organisers may naturally select the former.

Normally, the aim being to combine education with fun, the activities include the following:

  • Interactive games
  • Dancing competition
  • Singing competition
  • Children’s entertainment hour
  • Confidence building activity
  • Resilience activity
  • Meditation round

All these activities are designed to provide the young participants with the means to feel stronger, happier, and more confident in their own abilities than before. The organisers can change, exclude, and include activities based on their preferences.

Is Online Wellbeing Incursion Really Helpful?

The effectiveness of these events can only be measured through the experiences of kids and parents. However, the learning and fun activities designed keeping in mind ELC and Australian School Standards can be more beneficial compared to others. These standards guide organisers on how to engage and educate young minds while making it look like a fun event.

All forms of online activities are meant to instil good values and provide a few laughing moments for participants kids are welcome when people are under lockdown. It can be a big breather for parents too and they can rest assured that their kids are learning something meaningful.

We know all work and no play will not help raise your kids into the healthy and balanced individuals they deserve to be. The opposite is also true. Only indulging kids in fun and entertainment cannot help them cultivate good habits and the confidence that is needed to lead a happy life.

It is only through the balancing of both these learning and entertainment that kids can be educated while letting be them the kids they are.

How Do I Arrange Such an Activity for My Kids?

It can be a challenge to arrange a traditional wellbeing incursion event for kids in these times. There can be a whole range of COVID-19 related rules and regulations to follow and there will be an upper limit on the number of kids that can attend the event depending on their geographic location.

But hosting an online wellbeing incursion has become easier than before. With almost all the businesses and schools using online communication platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meets, etc., people are hardly unfamiliar with using them. An online wellbeing incursion can be held over these platforms easily.

Contact An Organiser: Easiest Way

Also, one just needs to contact a good event organiser near them, and they can do all the work. The organisers collect all your requirements and give you an estimate of the charges. They charge a certain amount averaging nearly $1000 for organising the whole online event.

Organisers also provide different services based on the package you select, including sending invitations, options to record the event, professional DJ-facilitator to run activities and games, and so on. There can also be other services with additional charges as per your requirements. You just have to communicate those and let them do all the work for you.

In The End:

Online wellbeing incursion activities can be a perfect amalgamation of education and fun. It can help all the participants achieve all that they actually deserve in life. Apart from the fun elements that help lighten up the mood of kids/students, this can be a learning experience that helps them throughout their life.

To help kids near you go through this life-altering experience during these tough times, contact your nearest online wellbeing incursion organiser today. Let us vow to make the present and future better for as many kids as possible.