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The oxygen concentrator an instrument that supplies enough oxygen to the body in case you’re having difficulty breathing, recommends Avinash Gupta.

This is usually the case in the event that the level of oxygen decreases in blood. There are many causes that cause this and one of them that all of us know is COVID-19.

This virus is spreading across the globe People have faced respiratory problems that are severe. The decline in their blood oxygen is only able to be addressed via oxygen concentrators. In these difficult times those similar to Adam Paul, who donate oxygen concentrators to those in need can be described as angels.

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You can’t purchase an oxygen concentrator on the spot, says Avinash Gupta. To purchase this device you must have a valid prescription from a physician in order to establish. If you are suffering from an breathing problem and is suffering from the oxygen levels are low in their blood an oxygen concentrator may be lifesaving equipment.

Patients may require oxygen therapy due to a variety of reasons. As an example, your physician may ask you to undergo oxygen therapy if there is an increase in the blood oxygen levels. Naturally the lungs are able for removing oxygen from air and then transfer it to the blood. A concentrator for oxygen extracts purified oxygen out of the air and this oxygen is pure and aids in getting your oxygen levels returning to normal levels.

If you suffer with a medical condition which makes it difficult for you to breathe the pulse oximeter displays the blood levels are low, that is the time when your doctor may recommend using oxygen concentration devices.

Typically, conditions which require short-term oxygen therapy is when you require the aid of an oxygen concentrator. If you’re facing an issue that is more severe and it is essential for you to receive an uninterrupted supply of oxygen pure and oxygen, oxygen cylinders would be the ideal choice to this type of situation. In these situations which require oxygen therapy for short periods of time, short-term oxygen therapy may be needed, there are instances of chronic diseases where you may require long-term treatments. Oxygen concentrators are helpful in both instances, according to Avinash Gupta. Oxygen concentrators can be used by patients with diseases like asthma, pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), Bronchopulmonarydysplasia (BPD), and all the other kinds of problems that cause breathing difficulties.

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What is an Oxygen Concentrator function?

Oxygen Concentrator extracts oxygen from air. The machine doesn’t require that we supply oxygen from another source other than air, however to accomplish this, many things are involved. Oxygen Concentrators are equipped with a number of parts that allow them to remove pure oxygen out of the atmosphere. They may perhaps not have the highest level of intricate machine on the planet however, oxygen concentrators will not work in the most straightforward method either.

Air is made up of many different components. Two of the main constituents comprise Nitrogen as well as Oxygen. The air we breathe has 78% (78 percent) nitrogen, and 21 percent (21 percent) oxygen. The remainder of the percent is different gasses. Other gasses include argon, carbon dioxide, and so on. If you remove nitrogen from the atmosphere then you’ll be left with around ninety-five percent (95 percent) of oxygen. It is basically pure oxygen.

An oxygen concentrator operates by the same principles that is to eliminate nitrogen from the air , says Avinash Gupta. In this way you get ninety percent to ninety nine percent (95 percent – 99 percent) purified oxygen. It happens over a number of steps within an oxygen concentrator.

The first step is to clean the air of dirt and particles. Air is full of particles that could affect our lungs particularly when suffering from a health issue. It is essential to eliminate the dust and other particles out of the air. The air, when it enters the oxygen concentrator flows through several filters. This helps to clean the air.

The air then moves into the compressor. The air must be compressed prior to moving to the area where nitrogen is eliminated. The two processes take place in succession. It is when air gets compressed as it is passing through a molecular sieve. This extremely porous molecular sieve bed can be used to absorb oxygen from air. This results in air with a high amount of oxygen. This oxygen-rich air can then transfer to your mask, or cannula.

This oxygen concentrator goes on the process. It absorbs air while the molecular Sieve Bed absorbs nitrogen out of air, supplying almost pure oxygen. This process continues until the porous molecular Sieve Bed is overflowing with nitrogen. Following this an inverting valve turns and redirects the air to another molecular sieve bed. The second sieve bed functions the same way as the first.

* During this period this first bed of sieves releases oxygen that it has absorbed. It releases nitrogen via the back-flushing process. After the second molecular Sieve bed is filled with nitrogen, the reverse procedure repeats. The air channel is switched between the beds to one other.

* You are able to control the level of oxygen depending on your preferences. You can also modify how much air is blown through the room.

Oxygen Concentrators can run for as long as you would like they can. But , it’s better to let them rest and turn them off. Oxygen Concentrators do not need refills of gas as in oxygen cylinders. This means they cost more than the standard oxygen cylinders. The benefit of oxygen concentrators is they are a single purchase as they draw oxygen out of the atmosphere.

Whatever advantages oxygen concentrators have over traditional oxygen cylinders, it is difficult for some to pay an enormous amount of money on oxygen concentrators. The price for this equipment varies. It is contingent on the capacity, as well as the brand you select. For instance, in the United States, oxygen concentrators range from $1500 to $3500.

These high costs make the items out of reach for many. It’s sad to witness people suffering because they have less funds. This is the reason why people like Adam Paul come in, who give these machines to worthy organizations and individuals.