It’s a gorgeous day, and you’d want to start your day by checking your schedule or doing something else with your phone. When you push the power button, nothing happens. Then you try pressing harder, but you get the same result. You’re on the verge of having an epileptic seizure, but before you go insane and pull your hair out. The occurrences of a broken power button in an Android handset are not an isolated occasion. The problem frequently arises, causing annoyance to the majority of Android users. In rare circumstances, the power button is pressed so far into the phone that it is difficult to remove.

However, if the power button has become loose or detached from the gadget, there is no other option than to seek phone repair services. To keep the gadget functional, they will replace the outer shell or the power button. However, there is some good news for you. In several other ways, you can still power on your Samsung device without problem. Do you want to know what those methods are? Let’s go over some basic ways to fix your phone’s power button that isn’t working.

Use a Hairpin or Toothpick

Take a close look at your device’s power button and try to excite it as much as possible. A hairpin or a toothpick can be used for this. If you can’t reach it with your fingertip, use the pointed tip of the pin to gently push it, and you’ll be able to see the miracle happen. You can quickly determine whether or not your gadget is turned on.

Attach Your Phone to Your Computer

In this circumstance, the next thing you can do is to connect your gadget to your own computer. Your device can be connected to your computer. Wait for the perfect opportunity to come if the device’s charge has dropped to ‘0.’ After the charge has increased, your smartphone may turn on automatically.

Send them the same message over and over again

Do you think this is the most creative trick you’ve ever seen? Definitely not. However, it will be effective. Simply send your pal the identical phrase dozens of times with no explanation. It will irritate them greatly. When they ask what’s wrong, keep transmitting the phrase, pretend it was an odd connection, or be silent.

Connect your phone to a charger or USB

When you connect your phone to a charger or USB, it will wake up, and you may then use your screen unlock option to unlock it. Another approach to wake up your phone is to have someone call it; the screen will come to life and you will be able to use it.

Use Other Keys if Needed

To start your smartphone, you can use the other keys instead of the power button. To turn on your Samsung phone, combine the home and volume buttons. The following are the measures to take:

  • First, make sure your phone is completely charged.
  • Using the volume control’s up and down keys, adjust the volume.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the gadget to your computer.
  • In this case, press the home button.
  • When the menu appears, do not press any of the buttons.

Please note

On the manner your device is turned on, you may notice a succession of warning indicators appear on your screen. Don’t be alarmed; it’s nothing to be concerned about. Instead, it’s the process of getting your phone up and running.


So, even if your Samsung device’s power button fails, you may still manage it in these ways. It’s best not to push it too far, as this will just make things worse. There are ways to make it happen if you don’t feel confident enough to deal with the situation. Allow the professionals to take care of it and take it to the repair experts of an authorized repair center.  If you try doing it yourself, you might end up ruining it if you do not know how to do it properly.