Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy


It is easy to consider why physical therapy is crucial after surgery. But what about pre-surgical physical rehabilitation? People always ignore pre-surgical procedures as we know that post-surgical physical therapy is important to minimize the development of any scar tissue around the wound and allow the patient to heal faster. The primary objective of post-surgical physical therapy is to make the patient return to full mobility. Now it becomes more challenging to see why we need pre-surgical physical therapy. 

Here we will figure out why and how important a pre-surgical physical therapy program is for the patient. It is important to participate in pre-surgical physical therapy before going for a surgery to increase positive results. Make sure to get pre-Surgical Physical Therapy Lincoln Park, IL before any surgical process.

Benefits of pre-surgical physical therapy:

According to recent studies and research, it was found that pre-surgical physical therapy helps the patient to reduce post-operative care by around 29 percent in the patient who has a total knee or even total hip replacement. We can say that pre-surgical physical therapy ensures fast recovery after surgical procedures. It also means recovery time is shortened. Pre-surgical physical therapy programs mainly tend to concentrate less on building muscle and also allow the patient to improve flexibility. This physical therapy is essential as it provides more focus on training on walkers. 

Pre-surgical physical therapy is also called pre-rehabilitation. Pre rehabilitation helps an individual to prepare physically and mentally for the process of surgery. There are tons of benefits that people can access with the help of the pre rehabilitation process. Here you can access the knowledge regarding the benefits of pre-surgical physical therapy programs. 


Pre-surgical physical therapy is beneficial for the patient as it helps shorten the length of the stay in the hospital. Patients who are more prone to complications after surgical procedures or those who are at high probability of transfer to an acute care rehabilitation facility can consider the concept of pre-surgical physical therapy to shorten the length of the hospitalization. 

For every surgical procedure like joint replacement, cardiothoracic surgery, pre-surgical physical therapy is important. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, you can access the benefits of the pre-surgical physical therapy program. This helps to improve the circulation, which in turn speeds the body’s healing response as well. 

Prevent surgery

We know that pre-surgical physical therapy helps to provide treatment to the affected areas. Such physical therapy programs have the potential to meet a different objective than post-operative physical therapy. In between the surgical procedures, doctors may get some shocking results. It can happen that you may not need surgery. Pre-surgical physical therapy is very effective and holds power to provide great medical care and treatment enough to remove the process of surgical procedures. 

Physical therapists who are well trained and are experts in restoring movement and function throughout the body make sure to consider pre-surgical physical therapy if you are planning to have surgery. 

Fast Recovery 

It is important to know that the pre rehabilitation process ensures a reduction in recovery time. Physical therapists who are experts in their field provide a set of therapeutic exercises and some other stretches to help individuals train their muscles in advance. This will make post-surgical rehabilitation easier and more effective as well. Make sure to rely on the best healthcare sector to get effective medical care and treatment. 

Fewer complications

Pre-surgical physical therapy programs help an individual reduce the complications of surgical procedures. The weaker an individual is, the more it is that the person will face complications. Most common complications include infection after the surgery. Pre-surgical physical therapy helps to increase the strength and immunity of the patient. 

Less anxiety

We know that pre-surgical physical therapy helps the patient to prepare physically and mentally for the surgical procedures. Patients who have decided to get a pre-re rehabilitation process are often less prone to anxiety or stress before the surgery. Pre-surgical physical therapy programs help the patient improve the strength and endurance to bear the pain of surgery. This therapy ensures to improve overall confidence that the surgical procedures will be successful. 

Final Verdict

Make sure to consider Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy Lincoln Park, IL for immediate medical care and treatment and to avoid other health issues. The best thing about pre-surgical physical therapy is that you will be able to see results in just one to two pre-operative physical therapy sessions. If it is the case of total knee or hip replacement, it becomes more important to consider a pre-surgical therapy program.


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