When the customers are approached a common question which is asked is How do preserved moss wall and a living wall does differ. A major misconception that we want to understand is one is not above the other. Both of them provide the benefits of wellness and health with an amazing aesthetic experience. It is just one of them would suit an environment and the desire of a client would suit one better than the other.

The major difference between living wall and a preserved wall is that a living wall is actually live as the preserved walls work out to be natural. Normally it is preserved with a non -toxic glycerine solution which is a natural preservative that is going to create and develop sustainable gardens.

Living walls

A living wall is bound to require a lot of maintainenace than a preserved wall. Just like any other house plant it can be watered by hand. To set timers it is known to have an irrigation system in place. A living wall is unique and custom centric to the client. A major concern with a preserved living wall is the placement.

Since it calls for a fair amount of light, it has to provide an environment that would be conducive to thrive. It also requires regular maintainenace along with pruning so as to maintain their shape and clean look. A living wall is gauged by temperature fluctuations or pointers like humidity. The placement along with precautions of placing them as they need to prosper is an on – going concern.

Preserved walls

The preserved walls are developed from natural moss along with natural plants which no longer hold any value. They end up using natural glycerine for maintaining a natural look. So as to make sure that their appearance is fresh and worthy some form of occasional dusting is necessary. It works out to be an ideal option for offices which does not have a lot of natural light coming in. it is going to last for a long period of time without any effort.

Which of the options may turn out to be a better one

A living wall turns out to be an attractive option for a home owner who wants an open and an airy environment. It has to be filled with natural light to sustain them.  This works out to be an ideal option for a gardener who would look to prune and is not looking to maintain them.  Such a wall works out to be an ideal option for an industry who is looking to showcase their environmental commitment and looking for the wow factor. They would not mind to clear the walls on a regular basis.

For organizations which does not have a lot of natural light preserved light may work out to be a better option. An offices that are shut in without a lot of light would get the benefit of such a type of wall.