It could be that you are the owner or manager of a well-established security guard company. Preparing and managing reports does take a lot of time. You also need to get payroll and billing done along with other tasks. Moreover, you are to check the activities of your guards constantly to ensure they do their assigned tasks sincerely, correctly and on time. You should invest in good guard management software that will automate and help increase efficiency of the above processes. This automation when installed in your security business is sure to impress your clients as they can now top-notch services. You also do not to have to spend a fortune to invest in such systems, thereby passing only the benefits to your clients. It will also enable your business to stay ahead from your competitors and earn better market goodwill. 

What is it all about?

The security patrol system is rather a software that allows security companies to be in a better position to manage well their officers/guards as well as to operate the business smoothly. Some of the basic essential features offered by such systems include:

  • Time & attendance software
  • Electronic reporting software
  • Guard tour tracking software

Moreover, such software programs are designed to fulfil the needs of your security company to ensure smooth operation. 

Reasons to implement such software system in your security guard business

There is noticed a sharp increase in the need to install such advanced security software systems. The reasons are as follows:

  • Need to serve large firms.
  • Need to increase efficiency of the guards.
  • It is demanded these days by security service shoppers.

Why clients demand security guard tracking software?

  • Higher guard performance desired due to increased competition: Security company owners and property managers for years have paid for services that they have not received in full. The truth the security officers/guards do not show up on the assigned time, sleep throughout duties, leave their duty in-between and without information, do not patrol as required on a given routine, etc. You may be facing such issues with your guards who might bluntly deny even if your clients complain to you about such unwanted behavior. Moreover, the guard’s low wages does affect their overall performance at work. But you have to face competition from other companies. Without providing quality services, you might only lose your client to your competitor as they might have already implemented such advanced guard monitoring systems. You need to provide what you have promised to your clients and cannot make any lame excuse. A stringent mechanism will be desired in place to check guard performance. This is where installing such software will enable higher performance from your guards. 
  • Reliable security company: Reliability and trustworthiness are two key aspects that clients tend to look for when hiring a security guard company to guard their premises and assets. They do look for certain aspects like:
    • Can the company provide tight patrolling or security as claimed?
    • Can they fulfil the task to secure their precious assets, property and life?
    • Have they implemented advanced automation in their business?

Therefore, having implemented advanced monitoring systems will ensure keeping your clients satisfied and enjoying sure growth in your security guard business.