Are you tired of paying your cable bill?  Or

Are you tired of setting up antennas to watch your fav channel? 

Hey listen, let me tell you, I have stopped paying cable for the past years. Guess what, Smart TV came to my rescue and is a good solution for those who are tired of watching on dish cable.

Best Smart TVs are much like your smartphone where you place calls, text, more importantly, surfing on the internet to get what you want. Technically speaking best Smart TV is also known as Android TV. It is all aired by satellite, where you can watch your fav OTT channels like Netflix, Prime videos, and many more. Android TV helps you detach from the cable networks or antennas and also, you need not pay any bills unless they have free streaming to watch your fav program.

This article will guide you the basic knowledge about the best Smart TVs and their importance. Happy reading!

So, what is Smart TV?

Smart TVs just presents content on live signals. It is all about internet connection, you can access anything you want. It may be entertainment as well as learning things. It helps you to explore different content just like your smartphone. One difference is that you are watching it on a big screen. 

How we excitedly explore new things on phone, imagine, what if you get it on the big screen? Strange right. You will get a nice view and amazing picture quality.

So, how will you connect your Smart TV?

You know what, a couple of years ago we used to connect on antennas, shaking dish cable Uff!, we got irritated by those things. But now things got changed, Android TV you can connect on ethernet or WIFI. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay for any expensive devices. Once you connect, you will have options or a menu on the screen where you can browse your favorite app, music, or videos whichever you want.

Do we get a lifetime free for watching OTT channels on Smart TVs?

Just remember one thing, if you’re not watching on cable, don’t think everything comes in a lifetime. It is not entirely free. If you want to watch awesome content on Amazon Prime or Netflix you need to pay the subscription fee they offer. Other things you can freely access your favorite games on the play store, watch YouTube channels, download music, movies, etc. Hope this is understandable.

What are the benefits of having Smart TVs other than entertainment?

Yes, we all know the main benefit of Smart TVs is that we can access anything that is available on the internet. Other than entertainment, we can use this device for office purposes, as well as your kid’s online classes. We got tired of attending meetings on a small screen like laptops or PC. When you start interacting with the big screen, you will be able to understand the content that is displaying and more attractive too. It helps you connect emotionally, wow great device right!

Which brand do you choose while buying the best Smart TVs?

Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. People are impressed by high range advertisements by top brands, the main thing they forgot to analyze is what is important while picking. Don’t believe everything on the web or don’t get impressed by the offer they provide you. Research, ask people before buying this idiot box.

Best Smart TVs are standing up and getting popular day by day. Thanks to technology that integrated into and became a boon to our generation. Everything is available in hand with the help of the internet. Hope this small article helps you to understand the basics of LED TVs and their functions. Hope I will get new concepts to you in the upcoming days. Good luck!