The Ketomac Shampoo is a medicine used to reduce scaling, peeling, and itching triggered by dandruff. Dandruff is produced by the extreme growth of Pittosporum orbicular, which is a fragment of usual skin flora. You can use it to treat uneven white or brown color patches that arise on your body sometimes due to exposure to the sun for long hours. Regular usage of Ketomac Shampoo relieves itchy and dry skin on the scalp of those in trouble because of dandruff.

Quick tips and directions for use 

  • The ketomac shampoo composition treats fungus related infections on the skin
  • If you want to treat dandruff in hair, use it only once in two weeks. If you want to prevent dandruff, use it once a week. It should not be applied more than advised.
  • It is used as a normal shampoo, keep it for some time in your hair and massage it before you wash it off.
  • First, your hair must be washed properly and then you apply the ketomac shampoo and wash after some time. If your hair is really thick, you can first wash your hair with your normal shampoo and then use the ketomac shampoo.
  • Be very careful about the contact with your eyes, if it does happen by mistake, you must immediately rinse with lots of water.
  • Ketomac shampoo is to be used on the advice of your doctor, you must not get into self-medication.
  • Ketomac shampoo has no records of approval for children. 

Various benefits of Ketomac Shampoo

  • Fungal infections can cause a lot of discomfort to the skin. Itching, blisters, and painful redness are some symptoms. Ketomac is a tested antifungal medicine.
  • It is proved that it kills and stops the growth of fungus which leads to the infection.
  • It works on your scalp as well as your hair.
  • The dose and recovery depend on how aggravated your problem is.
  • You must complete the entire treatment for the best results.

Do not leave your treatment in between if you see results, the infection might return.

Ketomac is tested and does not have any side effects usually. Some people do complain of dry hair and discoloration of some hair strands which are not serious issues but if you do observe some other allergies or symptoms as follows, please seek immediate advice from your doctor

  • Rashes 
  • Swollen lips, throat, or face
  • Problems when you breathe or swallow
  • If the application causes nausea and dizziness

It is very important to seek your doctor’s advice if you breastfeed your baby or are pregnant. Do not self-medicate. People all around the world use it, ketomac shampoo for dandruff gives you the best results. Fungus infections are difficult to kill. There are a lot of chances for it to reoccur. 

The treatment that you take should be completed as advised, it will help in nipping the infection at the bud. Dandruff can be really annoying, if not treated well it starts affecting your social life. Do not let anything affect your life if there is good treatment available to get rid of the problem. 


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