At the time of ideal tradeshow booth design selection, it’s vital to consider all the factors effectively at one point in time. It’s not always promising to understand the intention about the tradeshow or exhibition as the helping strategy.  It’s quite necessary to utilize all the resources as diverse as stand design and furniture, lighting, graphic design, lights, technical equipment, audiovisual media and colours.

Logo and Graphical Design

Before inspecting the details about furniture and decoration of the exhibition stand design, we should think about the logo and the graphical images about the company. A poster, a logo and a graphic display is the first existent visual impression that’s offered by an exhibition stand design.

The visitor should look for stand that’s amazing and operates as swiftly as possible. In addition, the trade show logo and graphical stand design need to be separate from the rest of the exhibition. Be very careful about the logo size, graphical resources, and the existent location.

 Exhibition stand Decoration and Furniture

Amazing exhibition stand design decoration and styled furniture helps in a guaranteed identification of the company’s image. It’s better to have quality over quantity in case of exhibition stand decoration and furniture. All the furniture and decoration must be impressive and create an optimistic visual appeal. The visitor should have a comfortable environment and not intimidated by the decoration. With the optimum creation across diverse areas and spaces focus on:

– Exhibitors with brochures, displays and flyers for visitors.

– A space with a table and chairs for meetings.

– Cupboards and storage space with the careful designs.

– Screen or audio-visual projectors.

– Have a small- counter with stools.

– It’s vital to attract the visitors as well as customers.


The colours in the decoration of a trade show stand are quite important. This affects the emotional factors. The colours with the logo help in identifying the company, both for visitors having customers and recognizing them, as well as for new ones. When choosing colors, you must take into account several aspects, both the socio-cultural of the place where the fair or exhibition is held and the psychological ones.


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