If dealing with dry and damaged straight hair is difficult, treating damaged curly hair is a most difficult task. Curly hair already lacks hydration. After all the heat styling, color, and exposure to pollution, the curls lose their shine and strength even more. It takes a lot of pampering to get back your healthy, bouncy curls. So today, I will lay out 12 simple tips for treating and caring for dry and damaged curly hair. Read on to learn more:

Trim the ends

The first thing to do is trim the damaged and split ends. Make sure to use sharp scissors or it will cause even more damage. It is always a good idea to go to a professional because they will have the right tools.

Wash your hair less often

Keeping your hair clean is very important, but if you have curly hair, don’t wash your hair more than twice a week. On all other days, dry shampoo is your best friend. You can also wash your hair with just a conditioner, because conditioners also have mild cleansing properties.

Use home remedies

Getting natural ingredients and home remedies to treat your hair is a perfect option. Ingredients like olive oil, eggs, avocado, banana, raw milk, yogurt, honey, and butter provide strength and moisture to your hair. Hot oil massage is also a must.

Protein treatments

Your hair needs a high dose of protein. So do protein treatments for your hair. Your hair will thank you. If you find salon treatments expensive, use products that contain protein and biotin.

Eat well

What you eat plays a very important role in your appearance. So add lots of protein rich foods like dairy, eggs, meat, and hydrating foods like fresh fruits and juices to your diet.

No hot water, please

Never wash your hair with hot water. Pull the moisture out of your hair. Opt to wash your hair in cold water as it locks in moisture and adds a healthy shine. If it’s very cold and you can’t avoid the hot water, do a last cold water rinse.

Avoid sulfates

Sulfates really dry out your hair and can also irritate your scalp. So remember to check the ingredients when shopping for hair products and opt for sulfate-free products.

Cover your hair

When you leave the house, cover your hair with a scarf or hat to protect your hair from the sun, dust, and pollution.

Without brushes

Using brushes on curly hair pulls the hair and causes damage and breakage. Also, you will end up losing your beautiful curls. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb and don’t mess with your hair until it’s at least 80% dry.

These tips will help you show off spectacular and super healthy curls

If your hair is curly, we bring you some tips that you can follow to have super cool and super healthy hair, those Chinese are going to be the envy of all!

  • Use a net:   If your Chinese are super brittle, the best thing you can do is wash it with a net. Simply put your hair in the net and wash it normally, with shampoo and conditioner, you will see how the curls keep their shape without any problem.
  • Almost always the scalp is super dry, so we need to hydrate it to a thousand so that your Chinese look super beautiful and healthy.
  • From bottom to top: That’s right, wash it starting from the ends and work your way up to the roots. This also applies to products, when you are putting on your styling cream, your mousse or whatever, start at the bottom.
  • Bye brushes: The least you can do is comb it with your fingers, or with combs with the bristles wide open, yes, so that your curl does not break.
  • Diffuser: If you are going to blow-dry your hair, the diffuser is your best friend because it will give you good volume and leave you zero frizz.
  • Comb only when wet or damp, this way it will keep its shape better and it will not fluff up.
  • Satin cover: Try to buy a cover for pillows made of this material, it helps a lot so that the curl does not break or flatten.
  • Dry cut: Ask your stylist to cut it dry, it helps that the length they leave you is the one you want, since it stays wet in a certain way, but remember that Chinese hair shrinks.
  • Dry it with a cotton shirt: Try not to wrap your hair with a towel. It is better to do it with a cotton shirt that no longer works for you. This will really help your curls to be defined and not break.
  • Low temperature: Every time you are going to use tongs, iron, tumble dryer? Anything of this type, use the lowest temperature possible, this will prevent your hair from drying out too much.


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