As you may know, inflatable water sports have been on the market for years, and these games are mainly aimed at swimming pools. Suitable for both children and adults. However, not everyone can play these games in the ponds, as they may not have a private swimming pool in their yard or they may not be allowed to use such games in a certain public swimming pool in the city.

Fortunately, there are rivers around us. Therefore, you can use inflatable water toys in these areas. Why not? No one can deny it, and the rivers are open, so a large number of people would enjoy playing with these things in one place. Make sure you use the quiet part of the river because you can’t fix these toys in the water like on the ground.

In the following text, you can read about the following five toys that have been blown away by rivers: a floating water ball, a water slide, a flying fish boat, a large wind turbine, and a blowing water polo field.

A moving water ball

Have you ever seen inflatable water running the ball? Many people find it very funny to play with such a ball in the river. These balls are made of inflatable material and there is a special zipper in their construction that allows them to enter the ball. How is this ball used? As you can imagine, you have to open the zipper, get into the ball, close the zipper, and the other person (outside the ball) needs to get angry using the right blower – a kind of electric pump. When you move inside the ball, it rotates on its axis, and you will “walk” over the water. A little training is required for this action!

Inflatable water slide

There are a variety of inflatable slides on the market, and some are built for water features while others are designed for space. When it comes to river water slides, inflatable slides are the best option. In addition, some of these slides come with polls in their design.

A boat of flying fish

If you have ever seen a flying fish, you will see a striking resemblance between the wind-blown boat and the fish mentioned above. Powered by a motorized boat, this boat can fly over the river like a real flying fish. It’s amazing!

Large air tube

In this large tube, you will need to find the rapids in the river. It is designed for up to seven people to sit on and enjoy a boat ride on the river. If you do not like adrenaline, you can use it in cool, well-watered places.

The inflatable water polo field

This is the best water polo game for those who like to play water polo. An inflatable water polo field contains a number of air tubes that serve as the goal frame and the boundary of the stadium. You just need to blow it and put it in the river.

Try one of these games the next time when playing games, and you won’t be disappointed to get enjoyment.