The central government has issued new guideline that enable the online registration of new udyam based on self declaration. There is no documentation and certificate required to register the institution. Citizen can now register for new institution online at using their mobile number and self declaration.

Information about the udyam registration portal.

The federal government has integrated the income tax and goods service tax registration process. The detail of a filled in firm can be examined using permanent account number and  goods service tax identification  number. The project can only be registered with the aadhaar number.

Other self declaration certificate can be issued without the need to upload and present any documentation. As a result the method is completely paperless. Msme registration online will be renamed udyam on 1st of july according to the announcement because the term is better descriptive of the corporation.

As a result udyam as well as udyam panjikaran corporation registration will be used to describe the procedure. Micro, small and medium enterprise are classified based on their investment in plant and machinery as well as equipment and their turnover. Export of good and service as well as both are to be omitted from the computation of any micro, small and medium enterprise turnover according to the announcement.

Important thing to think about when registering your company.

You should be aware of the following before registering for the enterprise portal online.

Micro, small and medium enterprise registration is completely electronic as well as paperless and self authorizing no paperwork is required.

Aadhaar number is required for registration and you will be given a registration number after completing the form.

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After the registration process is completed the entrepreneur will obtain an enterprise registration certificate.

A dynamic quick response code will be included in this certificate which will provide information about our portal web page and industry.

Your registration will not need to be renewed.

Information on industry investment and turnover as well as permanent account number and goods service tax related information will be automatically obtained from government database.

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise internet system would be completely integrated with the income tax and goods service tax identification system.

Those who have previously registered with a ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise authority will need to complete the registration process again on this page.

It is not necessary for any organisation to register multiple time.

Migrate and  re register udyam for individual who are already registered as udyog aadhaar memorandum.

The enterprise registration web portal which has been registered under udyog aadhaar memorandum enterprise one since july 2021 will be re registered. Existing firm that were registered prior to 30th of june, 2021 will be valid only until 31st of december, 2021. The following is the entire method for getting an institution registration using the enterprise registration web portal for those already registered as udyog aadhaar memorandum.

To get started go to the udyam registration portal.

A page will appear on your screen after that.

The home page title is enterprise migrate to. Click the link under the heading registration just like you did with udyog aadhaar memorandum.

When you click on this link the enterprise registration form for current entrepreneur who already have a registration in the name udyog aadhaar memorandum will appear on your computer as well as mobile screen.

At this point applicant can enter their aadhaar number and validate their one time password using the mobile phone supplied in the application.

Fill out the remaining application form to complete the online application process.

Furthermore while the registration specified on the udyam registration website can contain any form of activity the institution will be limited to enrolling only one institution.

Micro, small and medium enterprise ministry entrepreneurial facilitation mechanism.

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise, small and medium enterprise has created a robust facilitation structure for micro, small and medium enterprise at the district and regional level such as a single window system.

The single window method for the online enterprise registration site would benefit entrepreneur who are unable to register an enterprise for whatever reason.

At the district level district industry center have been instructed to help entrepreneur.

Similarly the champion control chamber recent action to support entrepreneurship in and out of registration across the country has been given legal power by the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise.

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Those without an aadhaar number can register online using the udyam registration portal. Aadhaar card as well as bank photocopier and voter identity card as well as passport and driver license will be required of these individual. As a result once they have their aadhaar number the online udyam registration portal would make it simple for them to register as a business.

The udyam online registration portal will be used by an organization with an udyam registration number to update its information. This could include data from the previous financial year income tax return and goods service tax return as well as other self declared data. This is in compliance with the broadcast time frame and the information update notification.