One of the significant factors about the FTX exchange is that it has been created by the crypto traders for the crypto traders. It stands out among its competition in the crypto market, thanks to the wide array of indices and leveraged tokens it supports. FTX is a derivatives trading platform and is a versatile and powerful exchange.

Another outstanding aspect of FTX is that this platform has been designed to make crypto trading and investing easier for all crypto enthusiasts, whether they are experienced or not. This exchange is also compatible with the institutional investors who want to buy a high volume of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you are also looking to use this exchange then you need to know some of the features mentioned in this brief FTX exchange review.

Security Offered by the FTX Exchange

FTX takes the security of its users’ funds and information very seriously. This is one of the top priorities at the crypto exchange, which is why many crypto investors and traders look to use it.

Crypto buying or trading is never completely risk-free, however, the risk can be significantly reduced if the users choose a secure trading platform. This is why FTX uses cutting-edge security systems to make sure that the users’ funds remain safe and every user can have a secure and easy experience of trading or buying crypto.

Some of the security systems offered by  FTX crypto exchange are mentioned below:

  • Cold wallet storage
  • Leading-edge technology in web development
  • Two-factor authentication security

Trading Products

The FTX exchange is a remarkable trading platform that supports different trading products. The significance of supporting several trading products is that the more products are available, the more capable a platform is of handling different kinds of traders.

FTX has a variety of digital currencies, trading products and markets that you can invest in if you start using this platform.

Some of the trading products on FTX are mentioned here:

  • Futures market – supports the trading of perpetual futures contracts
  • Options market – offers access to the crypto options market
  • Spot markets derivatives – trade several popular crypto assets and leverage as high as 100x

Fee Structure

Taking a look at the FTX exchange fees is an essential aspect that needs to be analyzed in order to make sure that the platform is suitable for you to use. Some exchanges also include hidden and additional charges in their fee structure, which can complicate the entire experience for the users and also compromise their security.

However, FTX has a transparent and fair fee structure. It follows the market maker and taker model and the fee can be reduced even more, thanks to the discounts offered by the exchange.

The details of the fee charged by FTX exchange are mentioned below:

  • 0.02% maker fee
  • 0.05% taker fee
  • 0.03% daily maintenance fee
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee

The users of the exchange who have VIP accounts get up to 50% discount on all fees.

Desktop Version of the Platform

FTX crypto exchange aims to make it easy for every crypto investor and trader to have a convenient and easy experience of stepping into the crypto space. For this reason, FTX has a well-built desktop version. It has numerous in-built features some of which are mentioned here in detail.

  • Wide range of leverage tokens
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • Crypto hedging made easier
  • Possibility to place and manage multiple advanced order types

Mobile Support

Another outstanding aspect of the FTX exchange is that it offers a custom-built mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android users. It allows users to trade while on the go and has several in-built indicators and features.

Mobile application also offers a clean chart that enables users to carry out technical analysis and also enables traders to place, open, close and manage their trading positions.

Analysis Tools

One very essential factor that is discussed in this FTX exchange review is that this exchange supports technical as well as fundamental analysis. The features offered by the exchange make it an impressive platform among its competition.

The in-built features and analysis tools offered by the FTX crypto exchange include:

  • Create and import your own indicators and custom tools
  • Limit and conditional orders and price alerts offered
  • Checking your order history
  • Charting analysis tools

Final Takeaways!

The FTX exchange is a popular platform, which offers impressive features and services to the users. This is why the crypto exchange is a top option among crypto investors and traders. However, if you are interested in using the platform then you need to know if this platform is according to your criteria. Therefore, as a potential user, you need to have the information mentioned above.


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