Creative people always try to integrate their desire, when they are adopting a unique fashion. When you’re doing fashion according to your taste and intuition, you would feel a sense of happiness which is essential for beauty and attractiveness. It is great to select the fashion and the clothing according to your desire, whether it is summer clothing or winter clothing. It can provide you the happiness of following the desire, and you feel confident while wearing such clothing.

You need all the five respiratory senses of Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Touch to make you sense desire. Our desire follows the instruction of all these senses. Do we need to use these senses to adopt a unique fashion and adopt it according to our desire? 

In this article, we are discussing how we can make our fashion sense according to our desire:

The role of our senses in our desire: 

The senses of Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Touch develop or desire, and it is critical in defining your happiness, you would always feel fresh and happy when you are selecting  the fashion according to your desire. It is critical for you, as  all the time we are bombarded with millions of pieces of information, this information can affect our sense of desire. The role of our desire is critical in making things beautiful for us, so give a  proper weightage of your desire, when you are selecting clothing for you, regardless of the fashion or the current trends in the market. Your desire does matter for your happiness.

The role of different senses in defining our desire:

The role of different senses in defining our desire is critical and we are discussing them one by one: 

Hearing and our desire: Most of us can’t understand how our hearing sense can affect the desire for fashion. Think of a woman walking wearing high heels and making a great sound. There would be a great desire in your heart to wear such a high heel, and people look towards your smart body.

Sight and our desire: Sights have the most powerful impact on your desire, when you talk in the fashion sense you always desire to wear special colors, and designs of your dreams. Try to select the clothes of those colors which you think of great attraction and don’t think what others would think about your choice.

Touch and our desire: The sense of touch also has a deep impact on your desire, if you are touching cloth and it feels great to your touching sense, you would desire to buy that clothing. The sense of touch enlightened a desire to wear a cloth, which is great to touch, so follow your sense of touch and purchase such clothes.

Smell and our desire: Your sense of smell has a powerful connection with your sense of emotion and desire. There can be a perfume or cream, which can smell great and you always wish to purchase such a substance. The smell of leather clothing and the smell of a particular dye can relish a desire in your intuition. So you need to allow your sense of smell to progress by choosing according to it.

Taste and our desire: You may have a taste of a certain style, it may be possible these styles are vintage, but you always love to wear such designs. It is great to follow your sense of taste and wear such clothing which is even outdated or out of fashion can provide you real happiness. It is great to wear an article of clothing according to your sense of taste, as your taste can be quite different from the others.