The clothes are priceless, as clothes can make you more pretty and smarter. When the weather changes, our clothing automatically changes too, for example in the winter season, you usually wear sweaters, coats, hats, and gloves to protect from the cold. You can’t imagine wearing these clothes in summer. The same goes for the summer season clothes. Women usually do care about their favorite seasonal clothes, summer clothes for women can be badly damaged and lose their shine if not properly stored.

In this article, we are discussing different ways, how safely you can store your clothes during the summer season.

Try to wash all seasonal clothes before storing them:

When you are going to pack the clothes at the end of the season, try to wash all the clothes completely before packing during the off-season. It should be clear to you if any darker spots remain on the clothes, it only becomes darker during the off-season and can spoil your clothing. Clean clothes also keep away any insects to eat your clothes during the off-season. So it is better to wash completely before storing your clothes for the off-season.

Store your clothes in the right place:

You can use plastic storage containers and cardboard boxes to properly store your off-season clothes. It is better to check the boxes are clean and moisture-free otherwise, your clothes may rot during the hot season. The cardboard boxes can attract bugs and insects, so use boxes that are polyethylene coated. If there is moisture trapped in the plastic boxes it can cause mold and mildew on your clothes. The best place to store your clothes is an empty suitcase, you can wrap your clothes in the suitcase and wrap them in tissue paper. The clothes in the suitcase remain safe for a longer time.

Beware of the mothballs:

People usually use the mothball as it is effective against insects and bugs when storing their clothes. Beware it is prepared from toxic material, so it can be deadly for children and for pets. It is better to use blocks or cedar-lined containers to use your clothes. If you persist with the mothball, try to use them when there are no kids and pets are not around. Carefully remove the mothball if it remains in clothes when you are going to use it in the season, and watch your clothes before wearing them. The mothball can be dangerous for your skin and can produce irritation in your skin.

Regularly check your storage place:

It is not good to abandon, and forget you have ever stored your clothes. It is better to regularly check your clothes, to confirm there is no issue with your precious clothes. It is better to clean your clothes before wearing them again. When you regularly check your clothes, you can make sure that there is no issue with your stored clothes. When you inspect your clothes sometimes, you find an issue so you resolve it before it can damage your clothes.


Your clothes are precious, you take care of them during the off-season. Your clothes need proper inspection and checking before storage. Try to follow the instructions, if you are using any chemical for storing your clothes.