Standing out is never an easy task. Sometimes, a simple resume cannot gain enough attention from the job recruiters. This is when we can seek the assistance of a video resume. A video resume is a short video created by a job seeker for submitting to prospective employers to review. Through the video, the candidate delivers a personal description and a piece of detailed information about their skills and experience.

Generally, a video resume is used to supplement a regular resume. Replacing your regular resume with a video resume can’t help you sometimes. Professional cv writers can be both general or targeted toward a particular position. If you are very much longing for a particular position and need to stand out down the line, a video resume can be soothing and they help you in marketing yourself better. It can be created by a professional videographer or you can create your own as long as you are confident enough to end it up in a professional outlook.

Should You Create a Video Resume? 

One a very few companies request a video resume from the candidates. So, creating a video resume is an optional task. Most companies prefer the traditional mode of approach when it comes to resumes. But this can change according to the field you are applying to. Certain job seekers, particularly from visual and creative fields prefer video resumes to highlight the candidate’s skills to the fullest. 

A video resume is also helpful in performance-based work. It can be an excellent medium to showcase your personality. 

Apart from all its sweet spots there also exist several problems when you are likely to submit a video resume. The quality of the resume takes a major role here. Low-quality resumes are unprofessional and inappropriate. It also accelerates your chances of getting misinterpreted and hinders your chances of getting into an interview. Some hiring managers will not even pay attention to the video file you are attaching. 

Video resumes can be a great thing to get noticed, but make sure if you need to include one. 

How to Create a Video Resume?

If you are sure about adding a video resume is the best way to reach out to the prospective employer, make sure that your ducks are in the right row. Killing your prospects by submitting a low-quality video is the worst error that you could ever create while creating a video resume. So, you should be more careful in avoiding the following common errors.

· Out of topic or other verbal content that doesn’t focus on the job or your qualifications

· Poor video quality, including bad lighting, shaky camera work, blurred images, poor sound quality, and sketchy looking background 

· A little or no eye contact or engagement with the camera will distract the viewer

· Excessive hand or body movement also can make a bad impression on the viewer

· Clothes or random or distracting items strewn across the background

· Try to avoid too bright and too dark clothes and get dolled up in a formal look

· A distracting background in which children, other family members, or pets wandering in and out of the room

· Distracting noises in the background 

Being up to date is a quality that can ornate every job. So, creating a visual cv maker can be a cutting edge that can exhibit you as a forward thinker who is well adapting to trends and technologies. Take feedback from friends and family seriously. If they think it’s a misfire, do not send the video to potential employers.