Well, in case you are an online seller, you could be aware of the dangers of non-delivery of shipments. The reason that is there behind incomplete delivery might be anything from an that of uncontactable customer, incomplete or wrong address to that of unavailable COD sum with the customer or even a customer denying or postponing the delivery.  Well, have you ever experienced anything like this? What do you feel about such things? Do you think you can do anything about it?

Well, you, however, were accountable to pay your courier partner and might have already paid it out of your pocket. Well, these are the instances that are known as non-delivery.   The point is once you know about the Ndr meaning in logistics and overall, you can do something about it for sure. After all, it is about getting informed and take the steps that are important for you.

NDR in simple words 

NDR is something that stands for Non-Delivery Report. It is an industry-wide term that people use for delivery attempt failure produced by the courier partner. In case a seller does not actually take action on a specific non-delivery report, it could reduce the chance for further profit and success and in turn, enhances the percentage of Return to that of Origin (RTO). 

How can you process an NDR?

Once an NDR is raised, you need two alternatives available. You can either choose to reattempt delivery or pick RTO for the package. Delivery can easily be reattempted by supplying the required details such as the right address and contact number, and so on. You should definitely note that courier partners make 3 types of attempts at most and are subsequently going to mark the package as that of RTO or ‘Return to Origin’.

In the present time, forward-looking logistics aggregators have introduced NDR or that of Non-Delivery Report feature to minimalize non-deliveries wherein they encompass E-tailors in this last type of -mile delivery process so as to allow better and proactive communication between the purchaser and the courier partner. 

You know sellers can easily update incorrect address or contact the overall details. This feature also allows buyer to go for a different delivery date as per their preferences or even that of availability. With more transparency and better level of communication, you get to diminish your NDR and that of RTO orders just in time and hence, you can avoid huge losses in the overall process. A single issue or glitch in the procedures can turn out to be really negative for your overall outcomes. So, it is important that you take up proper tools for the overall procedures. 


Since you know much about what is ndr in courier and all; you should not miss out on it. After all, you would never want to experience losses in your life, right? When you run a business, you expect profits right? So, make the most of these tools and ensure that you avoid what should be avoided and make the right moves at the right time.