It can happen at any time. As you stroll down the street, you decide to make a phone call. Your arm is bumped by a passing person, and your phone slips from your grip. You stand helpless as it tumbles toward the harsh concrete in slow motion. You brace yourself for the impact and hope for the best. This time, not so much, as your touch screen develops a spider web of cracks.

If you recently purchased a new phone, particularly one of Apple’s most recent models, such as the iPhone 12 max and mini, you were undoubtedly advised to purchase iPhone insurance. The idea goes that you’ll require iPhone repair at some point, so why not pay in advance to cover those costs? The trouble is that iPhone insurance may not save you money in the long run. This is why, rather than paying for monthly coverage, you should look for iPhone repair near me service.

How iPhone insurance Works

Isn’t iPhone insurance free, you might be thinking? Apple does provide new users with 90 days of free tech help. This may be plenty for you if you obtain a new phone with each upgrade and do not break your smartphone frequently.

Apple tries to sell AppleCare+, which is iPhone insurance, to consumers who plan to keep their phone for more than a year. Every year, this plan covers two incidental damage repairs. AppleCare+ also provides you with priority replacement service and access to tech support experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They even offer a separate plan that protects against theft and loss.

Isn’t it nice to have iPhone insurance? Wrong. There is, however, a significant catch to all of this. You must not only pay for the insurance plan, but you must also pay each time you use it to fix your iPhone. Screen damage will cost $29 in December 2020, and any other damage will cost $99. It costs $149 to lose or have your phone stolen.

Why iPhone Repair Shops are Cheaper

You pay a monthly premium for insurance coverage whether or not you use it. There is an additional price if you require the plan to repair or replace your phone. When it comes to iPhone insurance, all of these costs add up rapidly.

When you get your iPhone repaired in a repair shop, on the other hand, you only pay for the damage that has been done. You will never have to pay if your phone is never broken. Even if the screen is cracked or the battery port is damaged, the cost is less than AppleCare+. You save the money you’d have spent on iPhone insurance as well as the high cost of an Apple repair.

Apart from money, the iPhone near me also saves you time. You may have to send your phone away even if you use Apple’s rapid repair service. You will be without a gadget for days or weeks as a result of this. Few people can get through their day-to-day responsibilities at work or at home without using their phone.

All repairs are completed in the store with local iPhone repair. You bring your phone in and take it out with you. There’s no need to ship your device for weeks at a time. Simply bring your iPhone in for repair, and you’ll be able to take it home as good as new in no time.


Looking for an iPhone repair without the added expense of an iPhone insurance policy? Many repair phones can assist you. Their repair services are quick, inexpensive, and dependable. The majority of issues can be easily resolved within an hour. You must think of a good authorized repair center, the next time you need an iPhone repair. To discover the repair business closest to you, you can simply search, go to the website and type in your zip code to fix an appointment. You will be able to get an appointment in no time and can get your broken phone fixed in a matter of hours