We might have all heard of CSR activities. The main purpose of CRS activities is to fulfil social responsibilities. A business or a company takes so much from the environment while producing and manufacturing. It is the prime duty of the business to give back to the environment in the best possible way. Apart from fulfilling the social obligation, many businesses do it to have goodwill in the market. Whenever you will witness a big company being a part of some social responsibilities, you will automatically have a soft corner for them. You will feel that this company cares for the environment and you will start purchasing products from them. This is one of the strategies that businesses use to attract more customers and engaged employees for the longer term. Many businesses have been performing CSR activities for a long time and they have seen their business growth transforming every year. But from a truthful point of view, the businesses should engage themselves in social responsibilities not only to show off but to give back something beneficial to the environment. It should not be a social liability on them but they should feel that they do owe something to the environment. The impact of environmental CRS activities is growing day by day.

 Apart from fulfilling the social obligations, let us know about the reasons for what benefits a company engages its self in CSR activities:- 

Attract potential employees 

Gone are the days when people used to apply for jobs just for money sake, now a days before applying for a job people see the social obligations being fulfilled by a business. This is a trait of a smart employee. Before getting into a company, he will always look for the activities that the company has done to protect and give back to the environment. It not only helps in attracting good or potential employees but it also helps in retaining the employees for a longer period. 

Outlook of customers

This is a part of human nature that whenever you see some company or an organisation doing something for the environment, you develop a soft corner for them. We as customers would be awestruck by the activities that a company is performing out of its main activities to help the environment gain its productivity. This is something that attracts the employees and you may gain certain customers that may become your loyal clients shortly.

Retain investors

Just like customers, the investors would also be very happy to witness the activities that the company has involved itself in. The investors will happily invest in such a company that looks out for the environment and makes it an important part of their business. The companies perform high-grade activities just to win the trust of their customers, investors and employees.

The above listed the common benefits that an organisation gains by performing CSR activities. Many organisations and big companies are taking CSR initiatives in India and this has completely transformed the image of business industries.