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As russia continued its bombing campaign on ukrainian towns, the united kingdom said evicting russia from un safety council(usa) became among “all options” at the table. High minister boris johnson’s spokesman said the uk authorities is open to casting off russia as one of the everlasting participants of the usa.

I think it is something we want to discuss with the un obviously,” the spokesperson said, adding: “what is right to mention is that we need to peer russia isolated diplomatically, and we can remember all options to attain that.”Reports said russia has massed armoured cars out of doors capital kyiv and has been hitting the town with artillery hearth.

Amid the big scale bombing, russian overseas minister lavrov said: “western international locations ought to not build army facilities in the territory of the former soviet union states that are not a part of the alliance and ought to not use their infrastructure for any army movement.”

In a file submitted to the nato and america in advance, russia had repeated its declare that nato need to now not induct former soviet countries into the eu military alliance regarding ukraine.

Ukraine nonetheless has soviet technology and the means of transport of such weapons. We can not fail to respond to this real risk,” lavrov stated. Earlier, united kingdom pm boris johnson said that the us of a has a culture of “welcoming” humans from warfare region.

Man or woman ukrainians may be backed also by way of ngos and personal bodies,” he stated. Vladimir putin has also underestimated the solidarity and clear up of the west and of the relaxation of the world,” even as adding,”we are able to preserve up the monetary stress… It’s miles evidently already having a dramatic impact.

We are equipped to heighten and to keep going for as lengthy as it takes,” johnson said.

Ukraine president zelensky while addressing eu officers through a video link had hit out at putin announcing youngsters have been being attacked even as the russian president referred to as it a “navy operation”.