Are you aware of the fact that Microsoft 365 analytics , a tool which allows managers to analyse the productivity of their staff. It is gathered from email, calendar, email or other applications. This is a step above My Analytics where employees would be able to take stock of their own data. A manager would also be having the data of their employees for further evaluation.

  • A week in the life- would provide insights on how an organization spends time and collaborates among their employees
  • Meetings – It gives an idea on the amount of time an individual is part of meetings
  •  Collaboration or networking gives an idea on how the employees would interact with each other.

What would be their aim?

As per Microsoft, the analytics module would be addressing most of the challenges at the place of work, productivity, complexity along with engagement. With the use of workplace analytics data, human resources and managers may formulate productivity strategies for the entire company. For example if an employee spends 60 % of their time in attending meetings as there is not a lot of time in doing creative work. Then the managers could come up with a strategy to be reducing meeting time and come up with productive strategies.

It is also going to throw light on how employees coordinate and collaborate with third parties. An example is a particular sales staff of your company would be establishing regular contact with a party. When you are using workplace tool analytics the manager of the employee would be able to figure out whether it would be help an employee in achieving their sales target. It would give them an idea on whether they are missing out on critical information or not. Based on all such information a manager will be able to determine whether a particular employee would be meeting or falling short of their target. In addition they may be able to develop company specific targets.

By MS 365 analytics it enables an employee to showcase their engagement levels at work. It gives an idea whether the collaboration patterns would be good for the company and workflow is distributed in a fair way among the employees.

Would it be useful for a small business?

Though most of the top notch companies have been using workplace analytics. Even the small business could obtain a series of benefits from the same. With data it is possible to obtain insights that an employee would generate themselves. It gives an idea on the amount of time they attend meetings, with whom they are communicating and the time they churn in on productive tasks.

Even the managers are able to figure out the behavioural patterns of their staff. By workplace analytics it provides a comprehensive view at an organizational level. If you are looking for an organization to harness all these capabilities at an organizational level, or other office 365 tools it is necessary to dive into further details.